Aftran 942
Biographical information
Gender Neuter
Affiliation Yeerk Peace Movement
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Departure
Last appearance The Sickness
The Sacrifice (Mentioned)
Cause Became a nothlit.

Aftran 942 is a Yeerk whose first appearance is in #19: The Departure. Aftran occupied the host named Karen, she and Cassie forced to spend time together after they were lost in the woods while 'Karen' had been spying on Cassie. Aftran changed Cassie's view on Yeerks, revealing to Cassie that the Yeerks were essentially blind and useless in their natural state, taking hosts mainly to experience the world around them. Aftran told Cassie that if she were to exit her host Cassie must trap herself in caterpillar morph, essentially condemning herself to the same fate that Cassie was asking Aftran to condemn herself to. After Cassie did this, Aftran changed her mind and begged Cassie to demorph. Unfortunately Cassie was lost in the caterpillars instincts and did not hear Aftran, however, since the caterpillar turned into a butterfly the morphing clock was reset, allowing Cassie to demorph. Aftran later decided to live in peace, beginning the 'Yeerk Peace Movement' as she subtly won over other Yeerks to her cause of encouraging co-existence with hosts rather than total dominance. She was nearly captured by Visser Three, but Cassie was able to save her by infiltrating the Yeerk pool by morphing a Yeerk, using another host to take Aftran from Visser Three before morphing into a bird and flying out of the pool. With Aftran now permanently cut off from the Yeerk pool- even staying in Cassie and posing as a new host would be too risky-, Jake came up with a compromise where Aftran was granted morphing ability to become a humpback whale nothlit in #29: The Sickness. Aftran 942 is a Yeerk who is not a villain, despite Yeerks being almost the only villains of the novels.

Aftran's MorphsEdit

Morph Book Acquired
Humpback Whale - NOTHLIT The Sickness

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