Aftran 942
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Unnamed Gedd, Unnamed Hork-Bajir, Karen, Cassie




Estril 731 (pool-brother)


Visser Three's Bodyguard (formerly)


Yeerk Empire (formerly; defected)
Yeerk Peace Movement

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Departure

Last appearance

The Sickness
The Sacrifice (mentioned)


Became a nothlit

"Do you see those flowers? Do you see the sunlight? Do you see the birds flying? You hate me for wanting that? You hate me because I won't spend my life blind? You hate me because I won't spend my life swimming endlessly in a sea of sludge, while humans like you live in a world of indescribable beauty?"
―Aftran 942 to Cassie[src]

Aftran 942 was a Yeerk who infested Cassie and was later granted the morphing power, choosing to become trapped as a humpback whale rather than infest hosts.


Visser Three's Personal Guard

"You've heard of him?"
"Part of the time I was a Hork-Bajir I was in Visser Three's personal guard. The Visser was obsessed with Elfangor. Something personal between the two of them. I don't know what. But he hated Elfangor."
―Aftran and Cassie[src]

Meeting Cassie

"There are those of us who wish it could be another way. That there was some middle choice between being slugs beneath the Andalite hooves, and being... and being..."
"Slave masters?"
"What would you do, Cassie? What would you do, if you were one of us? Would you live your life as a blind, helpless slug?"
―Aftran and Cassie[src]


Aftran's Morphs

Morph Book Morphed In
Osprey The Departure
Humpback Whale The Sickness