Aguella was a female Ketran who lived on the Equatorial High Crystal on the planet Ket. Toomin (Ellimist) was attracted to her, as she was also a gamer, a rare attribute for a female Ketran.

She and Toomin, along with a select group of Ketrans, escaped the destruction of their home planet by the Capasins. The surviving Ketrans searched for suitable planets on which to live, and found a potential water-covered moon. The entire moon, however, was covered by an enormous parasitic being called Father, which destroyed the Ketran ship, killing Aguella. Only Toomin survived this attack, and Father kept him alive to play games with him, all of which Father constructed and rigged.

Though Aguella was physically dead, her brain was still accessed by Father and used as an element in his games with Toomin. Though he knew Aguella was dead, Toomin was inspired by her memory. It was Aguella's beauty that caused Toomin to win his first game against Father, starting a chain reaction of victories which eventually led to Toomin's freedom.