Alloran VISSER
Biographical information


Host to

Esplin 9466



Hair color

Blue and tan

Eye color



Jahar (wife),
Arbat-Elivat-Estoni (older brother),
Two unnamed children,
(possibly Asculan-Semitur-Langor)


War Prince


Andalite empire,
Yeerk empire (formerly),

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Invasion (actual),
The Hork-Bajir Chronicles (chronological)

Last appearance

The Beginning


Eugene Lipinski

War Prince Alloran-Semitur-Corrass is an Andalite War Prince and the longtime enslaved host of Visser Three.


<The Yeerks, even the ones in Gedd hosts, are harmless. I didn't want our warriors to accidentally-> <These four hundred harmless Gedds - these Yeerks, I should say, because they were all certainly Yeerk-controlled - butchered my warriors. Butchered, Prince Seerow. Shall I show you the holos of the aftermath? These were the gentlest pictures. I have others. Would you like to see what they did to the bodies of my warriors?>

Alloran confronting Seerow after the Yeerks attacked and escaped due to Seerow's Kindness.

Prior to his infestation by Sub-Visser Seven (later Visser Thirty-two, Visser Three, and Visser One), Alloran-Semitur-Corrass was a well-respected Andalite War Prince until his actions in the battle between the Andalites and the Yeerks on the Hork-Bajir world permanently disgraced him. At the end of the battle, after realizing that the Andalite forces had failed to protect the Hork-Bajir, he ordered the release of the Quantum Virus, a space-time disease that breaks down the affected organism's individual cells, in order to deprive the Yeerk invaders of powerful Hork-Bajir hosts. This action decimated the planet's Hork-Bajir population. Alloran was court-martialed discreetly by the Andalite military authorities, and was a War Prince in name only afterward.

As the war against the Yeerks dragged on, Alloran was assigned to the Dome ship StarSword, in pursuit of a Yeerk task force in the uncharted Graysha Nebula. The StarSword's captain, Feyorn, ordered Alloran to take command of two arisths, Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul and Arbron, and take two humans, Loren and Chapman, back to Earth following their rescue from the Skrit Na. However, during the trip through Zero space, Arbron discovered the existence of the Time Matrix in a Skrit Na computer file. Alloran diverted from his mission with the two arisths and the two humans in his ship, The Jahar (named after his wife), to the Taxxon home world in order to obtain the Time Matrix. Alloran ordered Arbron and Elfangor to board a Yeerk transport ship in order to infiltrate the Yeerk base on the Taxxon world. They discover tens of thousands of slugs awaiting Taxxon hosts in the cargo hold of the transport; Alloran planned to flush them out into space, but Elfangor objected on moral grounds. Alloran, now contemptuous of the young warrior, decides to retrieve the Time Matrix and then flush the Yeerks out when they leave the system. Elfangor frustrated his plans again, however, and allowed Chapman to knock Alloran out. Elfangor, occupied by the events around him, was unaware that Alloran had been infested by Esplin 9466, who rose to the rank of Visser Thirty-two immediately afterwards. Elfangor realised it too late, and wasted his opportunities to free or finish Alloran. Elfangor later blames himself for Alloran's infestation, which caused Alloran to become the Yeerks' first Andalite host body.

Esplin 9466, by exploiting Alloran's knowledge and unique Andalite abilities, eventually becomes Visser Three, in command of the invasion of Earth. Despite the nearly twenty years he has been infested, Alloran retains hope that one day he will be free. Even he is shaken by the horrors that he saw and was forced to commit while under Esplin's control, though Alloran is a war criminal in his own right. When Alloran's body is poisoned by Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill in rattlesnake morph, forcing Esplin to flee his host, Alloran tries to convince Aximili assist him in suicide, as he is too weak from the rattlesnake venom to do so himself. During the same time period, he also asks Aximili to tell his family that he still loves them.

Eventually, Alloran is freed in the final Animorph book, #54: The Beginning and Esplin is imprisoned. What happened to Alloran is unknown, although it is assumed he returned to the Andalite home world. He reached near taboo status during his infestation, and every Andalite came to know Esplin/Alloran as 'The Abomination'.

Alloran has a wife, Jahar, two children, and a brother, Arbat-Elivat-Estoni.


Morph Book Acquired/Used
Djabala Prior to The Andalite Chronicles
Taxxon The Andalite Chronicles
Antarean Bogg The Invasion
Unnamed creature with eight arms, legs and heads, and fire breathing from capabilities the 4th moon of the 2nd planet of an unidentified, dying star
Vanarx (the Yeerkbane) The Visitor
Huge unnamed creature with three legs, tiny head, and a rock like appearance
Mardrut The Message
Human The Capture
Anaconda (Unusable, Sario Rip morph) The Forgotten
B'Heeon The First Journey
Pit Bull
Lebtin Javelin Fish The Reaction
Unnamed Giant Yellow Sea Serpent creature The Escape
Unnamed Winged porcupine-like creature The Underground
Kafit bird The Decision
Dule Fansa The Discovery
Human (Tony) The Threat
Human (Aria) The Pretender
Unnamed creature with a Medusa-like head, with a scythe-shaped blade on each of the "snakes" The Suspicion
Unnamed creature with an appearance resembling an eyeball, with long yellow tentacles for eyelashes The Sickness
Unnamed Chameleon Land Crab creature The Reunion
Luminar The Mutation
Unnamed creature that looked like a putrid, smelly, heap of fat The Weakness
Unnamed Tar creature. The Hidden
Bievilerd The Revelation
Unnamed creature, which looked like a cross between a lizard and a gorilla, and oozed an acid The Return
Unnamed creature, which resembled a mound of living, carnivorous, Jell-O
Unnamed creature, with an appearance like a giant squid covered in hard black scales, with twenty spike covered tentacles The Ultimate
Giant Octopus The Sacrifice
  • According to the Anibase, which can be downloaded here, Alloran/Visser Three has a total 27 morphs in the series.



  • Alloran's name may be based off of the name "olorin", which is the valinorean name of Gandalf. A character in The Lord of the Rings. (one of K. A. Applegate's favorite books.)

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