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 Animorphs is a television series based on the chapter book series of the same name. It was broadcast from September 1998 to March 2000 on Nickelodeon in the United States. It aired a total of 26 episodes.


Plot Edit

My Name Is Jake

My Name is Jake pt 2

The story revolves around five humans, Jake, Marco, Cassie, Rachel, and Tobias, and one alien, Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill (nicknamed Ax), who obtain the ability to transform into any animal they touch. Naming themselves "Animorphs" (a portmanteau of "animal morphers"), they use their ability to battle a secret alien infiltration of Earth by a parasitic race of aliens resembling large slugs, called Yeerks, that take humans as a host by entering and merging with their brain through the ear canal. The Animorphs fight as a guerilla force against the Yeerks, led by Visser Three.

The Animorphs carefully protect their identities; the Yeerks assume that they're a strike force sent by the Andalites, the alien race that created the transformation technology. To protect themselves and their families from Yeerk reprisals, the Animorphs keep up the facade. Over the run of the series, the pretense becomes harder to maintain; the Yeerks grow more cautious and dedicate more time and resources to capturing the 'Andalite bandits'.

Though the Animorphs can assume the form of any animal they touch, there are several limitations to the ability: they can only stay in animal form for two hours, or they will be unable to return to human form. Also, the process requires some level of concentration to prevent the animal's natural instincts from overwhelming the human intellect.


Due to being made with medium-budgets that mainly limits its special effect and the excessive limitation on the violence and action for the film, the series suffered severe backlash from fans of the Animorphs book series and also from the authors, which resulted in the show's cancellation. Despite this, in 2013, the show's reruns began airing on Qubo.

VHS ReleasesEdit

(full article: Animorphs VHS Releases )

Animorphs VHS
  • Part 1:The Invasion Begins ("My Name is Jake" parts 1 and 2, and "Underground ")Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (when they were known as Columbia TriStar Home Video) had released twelve episodes in four VHS volumes known as The Invasion Series, collecting episodes from the series. The first 12 episodes are only released on VHS and not re-released on DVD.
  • Part 2: Nowhere to Run ("Between Friends ", "The Message " and "The Reaction")
  • Part 3: The Enemy Among Us ("The Stranger", "The Leader" parts 1 and 2)
  • Part 4: The Legacy Survives ("The Capture" parts 1 and 2, and "Not My Problem")

Seven volumes spanning the first 20 episodes (only the first of which was identical to its U.S. counterpart) were released in Australia. The episodes were placed in chronological order. Each volume had three episodes apart from Volume 7, which had two ("Face Off", parts 1 and 2). VHS tapes were also released in (at least) French and Swedish, and in the UK.

All 26 episodes are currently available on iTunes, Vudu and Amazon Video spread across three volumes.

Animorphs VHS Collection Promo00:37

Animorphs VHS Collection Promo

Promo for the Animorphs VHS collection, consisting of 4 tapes.


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Animorphs Theme Song

This was the Theme Song

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Animorphs Commercial

This was an ad for AniTV

Animorphs (1998) - Pre, "Coming Soon"01:00

Animorphs (1998) - Pre, "Coming Soon"

This was a preview to the series

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