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All 4 Animorphs US VHS tapes front

All four US VHS tapes

Four volumes of the Animorphs TV Series were released in the US, and up to seven volumes, comprising a total of 20 episodes (out of 26 total episodes) were released on VHS in Australia, the UK, Sweden, and France (and possibly a few more countries).

US VHS ReleaseEdit

Front Back
Animorphs US VHS tape Part 1 front cover The Invasion Begins
Animorphs US VHS tape Part 1 back cover The Invasion Begins

Part 1: The Invasion Begins
                                • My Name is Jake Parts I and II
   • Underground

Animorphs US VHS tape Part 2 front cover Nowhere to Run
Animorphs US VHS tape Part 2 back cover Nowhere to Run

Part 2: Nowhere to Run
Between Friends
The Message
The Reaction

Animorphs US VHS tape Part 3 front cover The Enemy Among Us
Animorphs US VHS tape Part 3 back cover The Enemy Among Us

Part 3: The Enemy Among Us

Animorphs US VHS tape Part 4 front cover The Legacy Survives
Animorphs US VHS tape Part 4 back cover The Legacy Survives

Part 4: The Legacy Survives

US Release - other picturesEdit

Australian ReleaseEdit

Seven tapes were released, comprising a total of 20 episodes. Each tape came with a lenticular morphing sticker matching the morph featured on the VHS tape's cover or a Limited Edition Poster, or both.

Australian VHS tapes - front and backEdit

Australian VHS Tapes - reverse side poster or Fact FileEdit

For the Australian VHS tapes, the reverse side of the front and back showed a mini poster for the first VHS tape, and a Fact File for VHS tapes 2 - 7.

Australian VHS Tapes ExtrasEdit

UK ReleaseEdit

The UK tapes look almost exactly the same as the Australian tapes, except that the formatting of the tape is slightly different. These tapes also come with lenticular morphing stickers.

French ReleaseEdit

Swedish ReleaseEdit

These tapes look almost the same as the Australian tapes, but are in Swedish. One difference is that the spines have a small picture of the face on the cover, whereas the Australian VHS spines have a silhouette morphing figure instead.

Norwegian ReleaseEdit

Seven tapes were released.

Spanish ReleaseEdit


  • The front of each US VHS tape has three or four almost-hidden messages. For the 'Animorphs Get the Message sweepstakes', entrants had to send in the four phrases on the front of the first VHS tape for the chance to win prizes such as a Playstation or one of the Animorphs: Transformers. [1]


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