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Biographical information
Aliases Ax, Ax-Man,
Horse-Boy, Pokey-Man, Phillip
Species Andalite
Gender Male
Eye color Green
Hair color Blue and tan
Born 3966 (Andalite Year)
Family Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul (brother),
Tobias (nephew),
Noorlin-Sirinial-Cooraf (father),
Forlay-Esgarrouth-Maheen (mother),
Loren (sister-in-law),
Affiliation Animorphs
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Message
Last appearance The Beginning
Cause Absorption by The One
Portrayer Paulo Costanzo
"I had seen more battles, death, and destruction than many seasoned soldiers in our Andalite fleet. I felt my throat tighten and constrict. My hearts ached with a pain I could not describe. I wondered if I were dying. I felt not sadness. I felt pity. For myself. For us all. We were children no longer. And we never would be again.


Ax, Book #52: The Sacrifice, pg. 72

Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, also known as Ax, is the younger brother of Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, uncle of Tobias, son of Noorlin-Sirinial-Cooraf and Forlay-Esgarrouth-Maheen, and an Andalite of the Aristh (cadet) rank.

General Information

  • Full Name: Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill
  • Nick Name(s): Ax, Ax-man
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Unknown, but old enough to be considered as an aristh (human cadet)
  • Personality: Loyal. Understanding. Ambitious.



When the Yeerks attacked the Andalite fleet over Earth, Ax was left alone inside the GalaxyTree ship's dome because he didn't possess the skills, abilities or rank to fight. Aximili was a young cadet at the time and was left in the Dome because the older warriors considered him "safer" there. When Ax reflects on this event, he is somewhat ashamed and irritated about it. During the battle when Visser Three's Blade Ship snuck up on the Andalite fleet's Dome Ship, the Andalites released the dome in order to gain more maneuverability. Despite this, the Blade Ship shot down the Andalites fighting in the "tail" of the dome ship, and Aximili, still inside the separated dome, crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Aximili subsequently managed to acquire a shark morph but was initially afraid to leave the dome without knowledge of where he would go. Eventually he became desperate and decided to reach out with a special kind of thought-speak called a Mirrorwave call that would enhance and broadcast the signal. He hoped that other surviving Andalites would detect the call and come to rescue him. Instead, his distress call was detected by the Animorphs, who were able to feel due to their morphing ability, which until Elfangor gave them these powers, only Andalites had. After narrowly escaping the dome with the Animorphs during a battle with Visser Three and the Yeerks, Aximili relocated to the forest near the Animorphs' home town, and Aximili-dubbed "Ax" by his new friends-joined them in their efforts against the Yeerks. Almost immediately he began recognizing Animorph leader Jake by the title of "Prince Jake," a term of deference given Jake's role as leader.


Aximili is an Andalite, and as such he has the standard Andalite features: centaur-like form covered in blue-and-tan fur, a long muscular tail with a big, scythe-like blade on the end, and two stalk eyes on the top of his head, providing 360° vision. He also has seven fingers on each hand and no mouth, instead communicating via Thought-speak and eating through his hooves. His human morph, created through a Frolis Maneuver that combines the DNA of different individuals to make a new morph, appears "strange" to the Animorphs, because it looks as though Jake, Cassie, Marco, and Rachel were "put through a blender." 


Aximili is extremely curious and interested in the various Earth cultures. He is somewhat arrogant, a common Andalite trait, but has tempered his arrogance over time, proclaiming more than once that the humans are his people as well as Andalites as he recognizes their commendable qualities. For instance, a group of human hosts in the Yeerk pool deliberately acted as shields to other Yeerk forces to give the Animorphs time to escape. Like all Andalites he places great value on honor and duty, to the extent that, on some occasions, he would side with humans over Andalites because he believed that the Andalites were resorting to particularly drastic measures while the Animorphs had not. He generally has a good knowledge of most of the advanced technology and alien races that the Animorphs encounter, but has admitted more than once that he didn't always pay attention in school and thus missed certain topics being discussed in detail.

At first he seems very serious. However, as he spends more time in the company of the Animorphs, he slowly develops a sense of humor, which they find slightly disturbing. Despite his usual seriousness, he tends to suffer from a loss of control when in human morph, demonstrating exceptional enthusiasm for exploring his sense of taste, which he does not have in his natural state, and treating human speech as a toy by repeating certain words, or even syllables, repeatedly out of the sheer joy he finds in using a human mouth. He considers the Cinnamon bun one of humankind's greatests inventions, and also enjoys chocolate, cigarette butts, and just about anything with a strong taste. He has a good relationship with all of the Animorphs, but is especially close to Tobias because they both live in the woods, away from typical human habitation.

Relationships with the other Animorphs

  • Tobias: Of all the Animorphs, Ax is closest to Tobias, whom he considers to be his shorm, an Andalite term roughly translating to best friend. The word shorm literally means "tail blade," the expression being that a shorm is someone you would trust to hold their tail blade to your throat. They bond due to both being outsiders, and this is strengthened by the revelation that Tobias is Ax's nephew.
  • Rachel: Ax and Rachel rarely interact outside of a group setting. Ax worries about her bloodthirstiness and violent nature and voices his concerns later in the series, although he still respects her as a warrior.
  • Jake: Ax deeply respects Jake, his "prince," and comes to consider him as a true friend. At times, Ax is torn between his loyalties to his human prince and his loyalties to his race.
  • Cassie: Ax and Cassie rarely interact one-on-one, two notable exceptions being her inviting him to have dinner with her family (in his Jake morph) and consoling him after Estrid's departure. After Cassie allows Tom to take the Escafil Device, Ax compares her to Seerow and muses in his narrative that her compassion makes her possibly the most dangerous of them all. 
  • Marco: At first Marco dislikes and distrusts Ax, but as time goes on the two develop a close relationship. After Marco's cover is blown and he has to leave his regular life, he goes to live with Ax at his scoop, and the two bond over electronics and soap operas.


Battle Morph: Himself (Andalite)

Raptor Morph:Northern Harrier

Morph Book Acquired
Tiger Shark The Message
Human ("Philip", male, used Frolis Maneuver to mix DNA from Cassie, Marco, Rachel, and Jake)
Lobster The Predator
Northern Harrier
Cockroach The Capture
Human (Jake)
Mouse The Andalite's Gift
Rattlesnake The Alien
Termite The Secret
Great Horned Owl
Striped Skunk
Wolf Spider The Android
Spider Monkey (Unusable, Sario Rip morph) The Forgotten
Jaguar (Unusable, Sario Rip morph)
Parrot (Unusable, Sario Rip morph) The First Journey
Chameleon (Unusable, Sario Rip morph)
Racehorse The Unknown
Seagull The Escape
Hammerhead Shark
Mole The Underground
Mosquito The Decision
Leeran (unusable)
Dolphin In the Time of Dinosaurs
Tyrannosaurus Rex (Unusable, Sario Rip morph)
Human-Controller The Threat
African Elephant The Solution
Baby Seal The Extreme
Polar Bear (Nanook)
Giant Squid The Exposed
Cow The Experiment
Mountain Goat The Reunion
Hork-Bajir The Prophecy
Squirrel The Proposal
Orca Whale (Swoosh) The Mutation
Cheetah The Weakness
Honeybee The Other
Tiger Shark (unusable; timeline no longer exists) Back to Before

Human (unusable; timeline no longer exists)

Taxxon The Test
Human (Male Fighter Pilot) The Deception
Human (Navy Lieutenant)
Human (Visser Two's host Admiral Carrington)
Human (Male Soldier)
Beaver The Resistance
Mallard Duck The Absolute
Raccoon The Sacrifice
  • According to the Anibase, which can be downloaded here, Ax has a total 45 morphs in the series.

Television Show Morphs

Morph Episode Acquired
Butterfly The Message
Human ("Max", male, used the Frolis Maneuver to mix DNA from Cassie , Jake, Rachel, and Marco)
Dog The Escape/Tobias
Ferret The Escape
Human (Jake) The Capture, Part 2
Cockroach The Reaction
Rabbit Changes, Part 3

Ax has a total of 7 morphs.

Books Narrated By Ax


  • Ax's middle name, Esgarrouth, is a reference to the town of Esgaroth in J.R.R. Tolkein's The Hobbit, as K.A. is a fan. 
  • Ax is only three or four Andalite years old, but because the Andalite year is so long and Andalites grow at different rates than humans, Ax is an adolescent, developmentally analogous to the other Animorphs.
  • The Andalite homeworld is 82 light years away.
  • The Alien and The Experiment came attached with a pair of Ax bookmarks with it. The bookmarks come with humorous tear-off corners, as if Ax bit into them.  
  • Book 8 bookmarks

    Bookmarks that come with The Alien, which emphasize Ax's love of food.

    Ax's love of food while in human morph, particularly cinnamon buns, is an ongoing gag throughout the series. Ax often causes a scene in human morph either by voraciously and impolitely eating, or consuming things like cigarette butts and popcorn boxes that are not intended to be consumed.
  • Although The Alien is Ax's first officially narrated book, it is not the first time that he has narrated. He narrates along with the other Animorphs in Megamorphs #1: The Andalite's Gift
  • Ax and Tobias were the two main characters in the series who got the least amount of numerical books to narrate. The reason for this came from Scholastic, rather than K.A. They didn't think that kids would be able to relate as well to an alien character, or to a kid trapped as a hawk. As a result, they both got their books in rotations of every 10 books, rather than the 5 like everyone else. Tobias got all the 3's in the series (#3, 13, 23, etc), while Ax got all the 8's (#8, 18, 28, etc).  However, as it turned out, the books for Tobias and Ax were some of the fan's favourites, so both Ax and Tobias were brought into the equal rotation with the rest of the Animorphs near the end of the series (starting in #41: The Familiar).   
  • Ax was originally going to be introduced in The Visitor. This was changed when K.A realized that Animorphs was going to be a long running series.
  • Ax gets his first kiss in The Arrival, with Estrid.
  • In the Animorphs TV Series, Ax is portrayed much the same as his book counterpart. However, his Human form appears much more often in the show than in the books. His human name in the series is Max.

In the TV series, after Ax's ship crash-landed on Earth, he sent out a telepathic plea for help, including images of the abandoned military base where he was hiding. (In the books, he was still in the dome of the GalaxyTree, which had crashed into the Pacific Ocean.)


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