A Battle Morph is a morph used predominantly to fight or attack. The Animorphs each acquired morphs specifically for the purpose of fighting the Yeerks and standing against Hork-Bajir warriors. Each member of the Animorphs generally had a primary and secondary battle morph.

Battle Morphs 001

The Animorphs in their various battle morphs fighting a Howler

Battle morphs 003

The Animorphs in their various battle morphs fighting

Battle Morphs: Main AnimorphsEdit

Morphable character Primary Battle Morph Secondary Battle Morph

Jake to his battle morph, Male Siberian Tiger

Male Siberian Tiger

Animorphs warning book 16 jake rhino cover image

Rachel to her battle morph, Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

The Journey cover

African Elephant


Tobias to his pseudo battle morph, Red Tailed Hawk

Red Tailed Hawk


Andalite / Hork-Bajir


Cassie to her battle morph, Wolf.


Tumblr nz1teuXzOH1qbxxxho1 540



Marco to his battle morph, Gorilla

Silverback Gorilla

Cobra inside cover book 20



Ax Morphing Human

[own Andalite body]

Cheetah inside cover book 37


David African Lion Rattlesnake

Battle Morphs: Auxiliary AnimorphsEdit

Morphable character Primary Battle Morph Secondary Battle Morph
James African Lion ---
Collette Crocodile ---
Timmy Bobcat ---
Kelly Bull ---
Julio Grizzly Bear ---
Tricia Rhinoceros ---
Judy African Elephant ---
Ray Leopard ---
Liam Polar Bear ---

Battle Morphs: Other MorphersEdit

Morphable character Primary Battle Morph Secondary Battle Morph
Aldrea Jubba-Jubba Hork-Bajir
Elfangor [own Andalite body] Taxxon,Kafit
Tom Jaguar Cobra


Hyena Giraffe


  • Though given the morphing power, several members of the Auxiliary Animorphs are never identified with their battle morphs: Craig, Erica,  and Jessie are among these Animorphs. Possible morphs they may have had were a Silverback Gorilla, Rattlesnake, Panther, Wolf,

    Jake morphing jaguar

    Golden Eagle or possibly one of the morphs used by the other Auxiliary Animorphs.[1]
  • Andalites do not often use a battle morph, since their own bodies are well-equipped for battle (Although Ax has sometimes morphed for battle, such as assuming a rattlesnake and cheetah morph when missions required him to fight in front of humans).
  • Although not listed above, many of the battle morphs are shared amongst the Animorphs. For example, all of them possess Wolf, Polar Bear, and Hork-Bajir morphs. Cassie, Tobias, and Ax also have Elephant morphs while Marco has a Rhino morph in addition to Rachel and Jake respectively. However, Cassie is the only member of the main Animorphs to lack a unique battle morph of her own, as the original four human members all have wolf morphs while Jake, Rachel and Marco each have unique tiger, bear and gorilla morphs.


  1. The Ultimate, p. 115

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