Cassie morphing Dolphin.

The bottlenose dolphins are the Animorphs' main aquatic morph. They are also known as the Little Ones.

Facts on the AnimalEdit


Dolphins consume a variety of prey including fish, squid and crustaceans.


It is difficult to estimate population numbers since there are many different species spanning a large geographic area.


Most species live in shallow areas of tropical and temperate oceans throughout the world. Five species live in the world's rivers.


Dolphins are well known for their agility and playful behavior, making them a favorite of wildlife watchers. Many species will leap out of the water, spy-hop (rise vertically out of the water to view their surroundings) and follow ships, often synchronizing their movements with one another. Scientists believe that dolphins conserve energy by swimming alongside ships, a practice known as bow-riding.

Dolphins live in social groups of five to several hundred. They use echolocation to find prey and often hunt together by surrounding a school of fish, trapping them and taking turns swimming through the school and catching fish. Dolphins will also follow seabirds, other whales and fishing boats to feed opportunistically on the fish they scare up or discard.


Mating Season: Throughout the year, though in some areas there is a peak in spring and fall.

Gestation: 9-17 months depending on the species. When it is time to give birth, the female will distance herself from the pod, often going near the surface of the water. Number of offspring: Usually one calf; twins are rare. As soon as the calf is born, the mother must quickly take it to the surface so it can take its first breath. The calf will nurse from 11 months to 2 years, and after it is done nursing it will still stay with its mother until it is between 3 and 8 years old.

Taken From:


The Message is when the gang acquires the dolphins. They do this by going to The Gardens during a dolphin show. The dolphin trainer, Eileen lets Jake, Rachel, Cassie, and Marco pet the dolphins. This allows them to acquire the dolphins. One funny thing about the dolphins are that they are named after the characters from Friends.  Cassie acquired Monica. Later in The Escape, Tobias needs a dolphin morph. So during a dolphin show, Tobias grabs a dolphin and his talon gets stuck in the animal. The dolphin bounces around, almost drowning TobiasMarco calls it the "Dolphin rodeo." In the book, In the Time of Dinosaurs, Ax acquires a dolphin morph.


The dolphins are the Animorphs' main aquatic morph. They are used in most of the books having to do with the ocean. All of the main six Animorphs had this morph. They are more used towards the beginning of the series. This is one of Cassie's favorite morphs. Ax uses his dolphin morph the least out of everyone.

Books Used InEdit

Used in 10 books.

Owners of the MorphEdit


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