Brown Globules are Ax's name for Raisinets (or more generically, chocolate) that he finds on the floor of the movie theater.

When Marco and Jake take Ax to a movie theater so he can learn more about human culture[1], Ax is distracted by the many delicious items he finds on the floor. One of these items is an extremely delicious brown globule, which has an unfathomably pleasant taste. There are also brightly colored pellets with more brown globules inside them. Later, Ax learns that the globules are chocolate, specifically Raisnets, and the brightly colored pellets are M&Ms.


"I merely wish to enjoy the brown globules!"

-Ax, The Alien


  • Ax's obsession with food and the human sense of taste is a running joke that is played for laughs throughout the series. While his favorite food is the Cinnamon bun, he enjoys anything from chocolate to cigarette butts and popcorn boxes.


  1. The Alien

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