"Stranger, please stand away. We have business with the Jallian vermin."--A polite but hostile warning from Captain Whee of a Inner Worlder's space fleet.

Captain Whee was a Inner Worlder captain from Inner World, and was a fleet captain of Inner Worlder's warships. He led his fleet againest the Jallians of Jall, who were led by Life-Giver of the Jain Sea. During one of their many conflicts, the Ellimist injected himself into the conflict and prevented the war from moving along. A polite but hostile Captain Whee asked the Ellimist to move out of the way so the Inner Worlders could continue the war with the Jallians. The Ellimist told them he would not allow any further violence. Captain Whee told the Ellimist that it was none of his business, but asked if the Ellimist would help them defeat the Jallians in return the Inner Worlders would form an alliance with the Ellimist. The Ellimist "thanked" Captain Whee for the offer, but told them the war was over. He died at some point, though how he might have died is unknown.


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