Changes is a three-part episode from the TV series, often aired as all three parts sequentially to make a "movie".

Three Part Movie SummaryEdit

Television movie version of the Nickelodeon series "Animorphs," about five teens, empowered with the ability to turn into any animal they touch, who are on a mission to save the world from alien invaders. Rachel and Cassie search for an "out-of-this-world" dress for the big spring dance, when they come across Jake -- in full monkey morph -- in the middle of an animal rights protest. The awkward but brilliant Harold Nesbit unwittingly tries to woo Rachel with video footage he has captured of Marco morphing from wolf to human, which he plans to enter in a "World's Weirdest Video" contest. Rachel and Jake sneak into the television studio to steal the tape only to find a new and dangerous TV executive in control of the studio. Meanwhile, Marco notices a mysterious-looking construction worker hanging around school. He follows him and discovers that everyone at Brockwood High is in danger.[1]

Part 1Edit


The Animorphs decide that they've earned a break and plan to go to the spring dance. Cassie tries to urge Jake to help her stop a cosmetics factory's experiments with animals, but it ends up being a disaster. After the remaining Animorphs come to the rescue, Marco is caught on tape demorphing.[2]

Morphs UsedEdit

Jake - Golden Retriever, White-headed Capuchin

Rachel - Grizzly Bear

Cassie - White-headed Capuchin, Cockroach

Marco - Duck, Rat, German Shepherd

Tobias - Human form, Hawk

Ax - Human form

Part 2Edit


The individual who taped Marco demorphing, Harold Nesbit, is about to reveal his finding for profit. Jake and Marco try to personally steal the tape, but are unsuccessful, and the group must find the tape and stop it from broadcasting. Meanwhile, Visser Three is using a TV executive morph to broadcast a new show that will make human infestation easier, and Ax is behaving strangely.[3]

Morphs UsedEdit

Jake - Mouse, Gecko, Golden Retriever

Rachel - Gecko, Boa constrictor

Cassie - None

Marco - Mouse

Tobias - Human form

Ax - Human form

Part 3Edit


Tobias follows the trail of hawk images being left around town, but is shocked by what he finds. Meanwhile, when Marco notices a suspicious looking construction worker hanging around school, he investigates and discovers that friends and the rest of their classmates are in huge danger. Before he can tell anyone, however, Marco finds himself trapped, unbeknowst to his friends, who are now arriving at the dance.[4]

Morphs UsedEdit

Jake - None

Rachel - Skunk

Cassie - None

Marco - Lizard

Tobias - Human form

Ax - Rabbit, Human form




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