Cinnamon bun
"Cinnamon buns! I paused. I am extremely fond of cinnamon buns. I am so fond of them, it is hard for me to restrain my joy in eating them. I have now had much practice eating cinnamon buns. But from time to time, I still have difficulty containing my enthusiasm for the taste sensations that come from these tasty treats. This is one of the things I must explain to my people: the incredible joys of acquiring human morphs and using the mouth to ingest intensely flavored items."

Cinnamon Buns (or as Ax initially referred to them, Cinnamon Bun-zuh) are Ax's favorite food. He has been known to go crazy for them - in The Other, Marco says that the look in his face says the message "give it to me now, or I will be forced to hurt you". Not only Ax goes crazy for them, but most Andalite tourists do also.

Ax's love for cinnamon buns is even greater than his love for chocolate, which he expresses in book 8. He also claims that you should "get the extra frosting. It's worth it." He even goes as far as to eat an entire tray of cinnamon buns and get an upset stomach so bad that it required medical attention. A picture of a cinnamon bun are among one of the first items in Ax's possession in his scoop at Earth. When he meets other Andalites on Earth in The Arrival, they share his love for food and he gives Estrid a cinnamon buns as a parting gift.

The restaurant Cinnabon is one of the establishments the Animorphs frequent multiple times throughout the series, and in more than several occasions has been the source of Ax's cinnamon buns. Ax's euphoric enjoyment of cinnamon buns (and other human foods) is something of an ongoing joke in the series.