City Of Beauty is in the background.

The City of Beauty is a major city on the Iskroot Homeworld. The city itself looks like colorful lego spires that reach into the sky for miles and miles. The city is home to thousands of Iskoorts and dozens of offworld vistors such as Howlers. The Animorphs including Erek were sent here to sent here to destroy seven Howlers so the Iskoort would live on and eventually meet their distant cousins the Yeerks, which would show the Yeerks they could live as Symbiotes instead of being Parasites.

Tobias says"This is some place the Ellimist wants us to save, Legoland meets Dr.Seuss with a population of whining nutbags who think that gossiping and shopping are careers!

Districts in the CityEdit

  • Seventy-Eight Market Place

Places of InterestEdit

  • Servant Guild Temple
  • Execution Parlors

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