Although it's been a decade since the last new Animorphs book was released, there are still a number of active fan sites for the series as well as the original Scholastic site.

* Animorphs Fan Forum

* Animorphs Livejournal community (Livejournal registration required) There is also a spoiler-free sister community accessable from the community profile

* Animorphs TV Tropes page Lists the character and situation types used in the series. There is also a TV series page Animorphs TV Series and a character page Characters: Animorphs. Interestingly, the book series is a 'trope namer' for the Animorphism, or voluntary shapeshifting, trope. (this entire site is a wiki, so it can be edited by anyone who'd like to help)

* Hirac Delest : An archive of fan art and fanfiction, as well as a forum

* Richard's Animorphs Forum The most active Animorphs forum on the web and the home of several fan projects.

* The Yeerks are Here forum and Website RP based off of the fictional site in The Warning. Has been promoted in unique ways, including messages at non-Animorph sites about the Yeerks being real and YouTube videos whose uploaders portray them as being from escaped Controllers

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