Dan Berenson
Biographical information
Gender Male
Family Naomi (ex-wife),

Rachel (daughter),
Sara (daughter),
Jordan (daughter),
Steve (brother),
Jean (sister-in-law),
Tom (nephew),
Jake (nephew),
George (brother or brother-in-law),
Ellen (sister or sister-in-law),
Saddler (nephew),
Justin (nephew),
Brooke (niece),

Forrest (nephew),
Occupation News anchor
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Stranger
Last appearance The Beginning

Dan Berenson is Rachel's father and works as news anchor.



Dan is father to Rachel, Sara and Jordan. He is divorced from their mother, Naomi. He is also brothers with Steve which makes him Tom and Jake's uncle.

Of any of his daughters, Dan was closest with Rachel. When he had to relocate for his job, he offered offered Rachel the opportunity to stay with him and fly back every weekend to see her mother and sisters. Rachel decided to decline.[1]


He is a news anchor for a local channel, but not in the same town the Rachel and the others live in.[1]



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