Delf Hajool
Biographical information
Gender Female
Family Jagil Hullan (mate)
Seerow Hamee (genetic son)
Jara Hamee (genetic grandson)
Toby Hamee (genetic granddaughter)
Affiliation Rebel Hork-Bajir
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Hork-Bajir Chronicles
Last appearance The Hork-Bajir Chronicles
Cause Killed by the Quantum Virus
"Dak smiled at Delf Hajool, who stood beside Jagil. Delf and Jagil had become a couple. The Hork-Bajir pair off earlier in life than we Andalites. It was almost too painful to think of the future Jagil and Delf faced."

Delf Hajool was a Hork-Bajir and a member of Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan and Dak Hamee's rebellion. She became a couple with Dak's friend Jagil Hullan and was acquired by Aldrea as the Hork-Bajir morph she eventually became trapped in. Delf Hajool was killed when the Quantum Virus was released.


Joining the Resistance

"Dak, you don't have to use Jagil and Delf to spy on me."

Acquired by Aldrea