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Jake in golden retriever morph.

"We grafted the essence of the Pemalites into the wolf species. And from that union, dogs were created. To this day, most dogs carry within them the essence of the Pemalites. Not all, but most. Wherever you see a dog playing, chasing a stick, running around barking for the sheer joy of life, you see the remnants of the race of Pemalites. [...] They are our joy, because they remind us of a world without evil. The world we lost. We Chee are all that is left of Pemalite technological genius. The dogs of Earth are all that is left of Pemalite souls."
Erek King[src]

The dog is a domestic Earth animal created by the Chee, who fused the Pemalite essence with wolves.


"I thought about becoming Homer. As I stroked his fur I formed a picture in my mind of me becoming Homer. Homer became weirdly quiet while I did it. Like he was asleep, only his eyes were open."

Jake's first ever acquired morph was his pet golden retriever, Homer, which he first morphed into in The Invasion. Marco acquired an Irish Setter in The Android, a poodle in The Proposal and Champ, a German Shepherd, in The Diversion; Champ was also acquired and morphed by Tobias and Rachel.


"I'm going to morph Homer, I guess. You're right. Dog is the way to go. No one will even think anything about us being there, since there are always dogs at outdoor stuff. And dog hearing is great."
Jake to Marco[src]

This morph isn't used very often, although by the end of the series, all the Animorphs except Cassie and Ax have a dog morph. Marco has the most dog morphs, three in all.


Known MorphersEdit

  • Jake (golden retriever)
  • Marco (Irish Setter, poodle & German Shepherd)
  • Tobias (German Shepherd)
  • Rachel (German Shepherd)