Jake morphing Homer

The dog is a morph the Animorphs have used.  Jake's came from a sample of Homer's  D.N.A. Rachel and Tobias's came from Champ's D.N.A. Marco's Poodle morph  came from a sample of Euclid.

Facts on the AnimalEdit

The domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris or Canis familiaris) is a domesticated canid which has been selectively bred for millennia for various behaviors, sensory capabilities, and physical attributes.

Although initially thought to have originated as a manmade variant of an extant canid species (variously supposed as being thedholegolden jackal, or gray wolf), extensive genetic studies undertaken during the 2010s indicate that dogs diverged from an extinct wolf-like canid in Eurasia 40,000 years ago.  Being the oldest domesticated animal, their long association with people has allowed dogs to be uniquely attuned to human behavior, as well as thrive on a starch-rich diet which would be inadequate for other canid species.

Dogs perform many roles for people, such as huntingherdingpulling loadsprotectionassisting police and militarycompanionshipand, more recently, aiding handicapped individuals. This impact on human society has given them the nickname "man's best friend" in the Western world. In China and South Vietnam dogs are a source of meat for humans.

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Jake was the first Animorph to get a dog morph. He got his Homer morph in The Invasion. Homer was Jake's first morph ever. He got the dog morph because Tobias had preasured Jake into Acquiring and Morphing Homer. Later in The Android, We see Marco morphing an Irish Setter. In The Proposal, Marco acquires Nora Robbinette's annoying Poodle,Euclid. Durring The Diversion, Tobias,Rachel, and Marco  all acquire Loren's seeing eye dog Champ.


This morph isn't used very often. But, it will show up when this morph is needed. By the end of the series, all the Animorphs except Cassie and Ax have a dog morph. When this morph is used it is used as a spy morph. This is the first canine morph, the second is the Wolf morph. Marco has the most dog morphs, three in all.

Books Used InEdit

Used in 6 books.

Owners of the MorphEdit


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