Dracon beam
General information
Creators Yeerk
Use Separate particles, destroy, kill
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Invasion
Last appearance The Beginning

Dracon beams are handleheld weapons used by Yeerks and some other aliens.

Dracon BeamEdit

Dracon beams are Yeerk handheld weapons. They are a blending of Andalite Shredder technology with Ongachic particle-wave technology. Like Shredders, Dracon beams separate particles and essentially disintegrate objects and individuals.
Hork-Bajir-Controllers using Dracon Beams

Hork-Bajir-Controllers using Dracon Beams

However, while Shredders were designed to kill as painlessly as possible, Dracon beams were purposely altered to inflict excrutiating pain as they disintegrated their targets. They are used to destroy Elfangor's ship.

The Dracon beam is the smaller, less powerful version of the Dracon cannon, which is the weapon that is more usually mounted on ships.


  • Both Dracon beams and Shredders have been compared to the phasers from Star Trek.

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