The EmCee, also known as Mapping Crystal Quadrant 3, MCQ3 or it's new name given later in The Ellimist Chronicles, The Searcher, is a Z-space cabable starship built by the Ketrans.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

The EmCee was a oval shaped Seed Crystal, which had a 4 Z-space engines in ther rear and was also carried a Anti-Grave Generator. Early on, the vessel was unnarmed, though later changed in the story, being armed with a number of Modified Capasin Beams and Fire-And-Forget Explosive Homers. The ship also later carried smaller ships such as fighters and the Explorer. It also grew in size overtime as it's Ketran masters added foundries, fuelers, hangers, shops and repair cradles inside the ship. The ship now also had a asymmetrical ring, made of ugly crystals and metal. Above the ring were the ships engines, below the fighter stations.


The EmCee was the first and only ship of it's kind ever produced. The stated purpose was to explore Quadrant Three for science. In reality, the entire mission was act of diplomacy, as two years prior to the events of The Ellimist Chronicles, an Automated Capasin Ship scouting the sector not far from Ket for the Ketran's radio signals. The reason they were doing this is they fought the Ketrans were messing around with other races, such as playing as god. A Ketran Drop-Pod detected a the Capasin Drone and sent one of their own to scan it. The drone never returned. Later another Drop-Pod detected what had happend, the drone was destroyed by the robotic Capasin spaceship. The Ketrans launched another drone, though modified with a faster engine and a force-field. While drone managed to scan the vessel, the Capasin drone managed to damage it, causing some of the information to be lost. Realizing the Capasins had misinterpreted the actions of Ketrans as a hostile, the Ketrans built the EmCee to send diplomats to the Capasin Homeworld to propose peace. This never happend as a Capasin Fleet invaded and wiped all but 72 Ketrans on Ket.

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