Biographical information
Gender Female
Born ~1983-1987
Died 2001
Affiliation Auxiliary Animorphs
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Ultimate
Last appearance The Answer
Cause Death by Dracon cannon during Yeerk battle

Erica was a young girl recruited to be one of the Auxiliary Animorphs, became one of James' lieutenants, and was one of only three recruits to be healed by the morphing process.


The Auxiliary Animorphs

When the Animorphs began looking for new members, Erica was one of the recruits selected by James.[1] James, Craig and Erica were the only three to be healed by the morphing process. Because they had been healed and could protect others, Craig and Erica both became lieutenants to James.[2]Because of this she became a mentor of many members, in particular Jessie and Zoe.

Erica and most, if not all, of the Auxiliary Animorphs died in the final battle against the Yeerks' Pool ship. They had sacrificed their lives to assist Sam Doubleday's ground force as the original Animorphs invaded the Pool ship. Jake heard Visser One gleefully order the Pool ship's gunners to kill any animals in the fight below, until the gunners report none are left.[3]


No morphs are ever specifically attributed to , but these are possible morphs:

Morph Book Acquired
Pidgeon or Red-Tailed Hawk (Tobias) The Ultimate
Baboon or Hedgehog
Gorilla (Big Jim) or Rattlesnake or Wolf or Panther or Golden Eagle


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