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Esplin 9466 is the power-hungry Yeerk best known as Visser Three, earlier as Visser Thirty-two and later as Visser One.


Esplin 9466 was an officer in the Yeerk military. In his capacity as the leader of the Yeerk invasion of Earth, he served as the Animorphs' primary foe. For most of the series, he held the rank of Visser Three, but was promoted to the rank of Visser One towards the end of the war.

Birth and FamilyEdit

Esplin 9466 was born in an artificial Yeerk pool on board a captured Andalite ship shortly after the Yeerk exodus from their home world. At the time, the Yeerks had only a small number of Gedds to use as host bodies, and so each of the quarter million Yeerks on the convoy were given fifteen minutes "training" in a Gedd host. When Esplin's turn came up, he was so overwhelmed by the experiences of sight, hearing and greater mobility that he made it his ambition to be one of the few Yeerks to always possess a host body.

He had a twin brother named Esplin 9466 Lesser.

To help increase his chances of achieving his dream, he immersed himself in Andalite culture, biology, and military tactics, taking a famous Andalite saying - "Know your enemy as you know yourself" - as his axiom. He quickly became the pre-eminent expert on all affairs Andalite in the gestating Yeerk Empire. Through this initial research, Esplin fostered a deep desire to one day infest an Andalite, so that he might truly understand them.

Hork-Bajir ConflictEdit

Soon after arriving at the Hork-Bajir Homeworld, the Yeerks capture two specimens to examine for their fitness of infestation. Esplin is called to the pier, and becomes the first Yeerk to inhabit a Hork-Bajir as a permanent host. He utters the words "Yes, these creatures will be our weapons," and seals the fate of the Hork-Bajir. The Yeerks make the Hork-Bajir Homeworld their base of operations. They use the stolen Andalite technology to create Dracon weapons and Bug Fighters. They develop a system to coordinate their efforts and establish their hierarchy of Vissers and Sub-Vissers.

When the first Andalite forces arrive, Esplin, now calling himself a "Sub-Visser" (as these titles don’t seem to have had much organization in how they were dished out), leads the fighter attack against the Andalites. Using his knowledge of Andalite tactics and technology, his counter-measures prove to be effective, and he manages to survive the struggle against the then-superior Andalite forces, though most of his comrades are lost.

By the end of the conflict, Esplin has established himself as one of the most prominent Yeerks of his generation.

Andalite ChroniclesEdit

Esplin, now Sub-Visser Seven, is in charge of security on the Taxxon homeworld. He encounters Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, Arbron, and Alloran-Semitur-Corrass on the Taxxon homeworld, and their two Human charges, Loren and Chapman. Esplin conducts a little signing negotiation with Chapman, understanding that the Human race could be a useful new host species. During a skirmish with Elfangor, Esplin’s host is knocked unconscious, along with Alloran. Esplin uses the unguarded moment to acquire Alloran as a host body, becoming the first, and only (known) Andalite controller in history. He gives all his knowledge of Andalite fleet movements and modern tactics and technology to the Council of Thirteen, and they reward him for his efforts.

Esplin later arrives when it becomes known that the Skrit Na obtained the Time Matrix, now Visser Thirty-Two. He becomes entangled with Elfangor and Loren, and the result of their meddling with the Time Matrix as all three of them try to use it to go home results in a warped universe, part Earth, part Andalite Homeworld, and part Yeerk Homeworld. In a final stand-off with Elfangor and Loren, Esplin travels through a rift and apparently returns to the Jahar, falling into a black hole, but he survives under unspecified circumstances.

Later, when the Ellimist warps Elfangor out of his original timeline, Esplin has already reached his trademark rank, Visser Three. Elfangor rams his Blade Ship, and the battle ends with an Andalite victory as Esplin retreats his forces. This battle makes Elfangor a Prince.

Visser Three is given the assignment of assuming control of the invasion of Earth. It is a job he doesn’t seem to care for initially, but this reveals how important the Yeerks view the invasion.

When the Andalites finally do send a military force to Earth, Visser Three hides his bladeship in a crater on Earth’s moon. The resulting sneak attack results in the Andalites being overwhelmed and ultimately destroyed except for Elfangor, who dies shortly thereafter at the Visser’s hands, and Ax.

Invasion of EarthEdit

Visser Three moves the invasion along nicely, already in the later stages. He is soon confronted by the Animorphs, whom he believes to be "Andalite Bandits", his views on Andalites preventing him from considering the possibility that the Animorphs may just be humans with the power to morph. Within a few months, his main Kandrona generator is destroyed, and he gets into trouble when he captures the Animorphs and Visser One’s personal bodyguards discreetly set them free.

As time progresses he slowly escalates the invasion. Near the end of the series he becomes Visser One, and uses his new authority to turn the stealthy invasion into a true, open war. Ultimately he is defeated by the Animorphs and Andalites. He is sentenced for war crimes at the end of the series.

He seems to be somewhat unfamiliar with Earthly animals, as he does not know what a gorilla is, but knows what a tiger is, according to The Predator. Visser One (i.e. Edriss 562) tells Visser Three more about Earth's animals, or unless Marco's mother, Eva, is explaining it.

He orders 200 Human-Controllers each month, according to The Capture in the town the Animorphs live. This included an entire hospital staff from the East Wing Hospital, writers, teachers, TV actors and hosts, and anyone in political power to join The Sharing. This will include the governor of where the Animorphs live, but it is unknown what happened to the state's governor. It is unclear whether the governor was infested by a Yeerk from the Yeerk pool, or the governor was rescued by the Animorphs when they 'captured' and starved Temrash 114, who had been assigned to be the governor's Yeerk.

As the series progresses, Visser Three finds himself increasingly put off-balance by the Animorphs' actions, even if they manage to keep him ignorant of the scale of their involvement in some cases. Thanks to the Animorphs, not only do various Hork-Bajir hosts escape to start a new colony hidden in the mountains, but the Yeerks' plans to use the telepathic Leerans as host or genetically engineer the arctic species the Venber to act as a slave race are each cut off before they can progress beyond the initial stages. Attempts to expose the Yeerk Peace Movement or develop an Anti-morphing ray to capture his enemies are also disrupted by his enemies' interference, until he discovers the truth of the Animorphs' identities and escalates the conflict, forcing the Animorphs to retreat to the Hork-Bajir colony with most of their families.

When the Andalites arrive, the Animorphs are able to force a stand-down, resulting in the now-promoted Visser One retreating from Alloran and accepting the decision to stand trial on Earth rather than with the Yeerks or the Andalites. Despite attempting to get Jake charged with war crimes, he is left incarcerated in his natural state on Earth for crimes against humanity.


Esplin is a no-nonsense Yeerk, personifying the cold and heartless enemy the Animorphs are up against. He keeps subordinates in line with fear over incentive, and isn’t above the random execution, just to keep the rest in line.

Esplin's twin brother was initially his comrade in arms, but eventually the pair became antagonistic towards each other, with Esplin declaring his brother a traitor. The other Esplin became a cannibal, killing other Yeerks in order to sustain his own need for Kandrona rays, and suspected that Visser Three only kept him alive in hopes of obtaining this technique. The home of Esplin's twin's host body on Earth later burned down under mysterious circumstances; it is unknown whether this was perpetrated by the Animorphs or by Visser Three himself.

Esplin is a war hero to his people in a similar way Elfangor is to his, and the two share a bitter hatred towards each other almost from the moment they meet. Though Esplin isn’t as selfless and valiant as Elfangor, he appears to be far more cunning, as demonstrated in most of the battles of wits he has with Elfangor, he emerges the victor.

He does enter a rivalry with then Visser One, and their rivalry was something of a legend, even among Andalite circles.

He apparently has something of a friendship with Visser Four, the head of the Leeran invasion - though, with Esplin’s personality, it is most likely a political alliance more than friendship.

Most Yeerks possess some kind of relationship with their hosts, often not a positive one, and Alloran long ago gave up his fight with Esplin so until book 54 he remained an entire slave, not even thinking to be free once more. In book 54, however, once defeated by the Animorphs and Tom the traitor, Esplin voluntarily relinquished his hold on Alloran, favoring the Animorphs' punishment to what the Council would sentence him to, and Alloran was overjoyed to be free again, once and for all.


Book MorphsEdit

During the course of the series, the Visser morphs many terrifying and exotic species that makes it much more difficult for the Animorphs to defend themselves.

Morph Book Used
Antarean Bogg - Huge creature with giant legs and mouth and tentacles for arms. Used to kill Elfangor.  The Invasion
Unnamed alien with eight arms, legs, and heads, capable of breathing fire
Vanarx - Unnamed three-legged Rock Beast The Visitor
Mardrut - Large whale-like creature that can shoot water The Message
Human The Capture
Human The Secret
AnacondaLerdethak - from Hork-Bajir home world, looks like gnarled tree with tentacles. The Forgotten
Human, Lebtin Javalin Fish - aquatic beast that throws spears The Reaction
Human The Change
Unnamed Yellow Sea Serpent Creature The Escape
Unnamed Winged Porcupine-like creature The Underground
Human, Kafit bird The Decision
Dule Fansa - large purple creature with muscular arms ending in points The Discovery
Human (Tony- White House Protocol Chief Officer) The Threat
Human (Tony) The Solution
Human (Aria), Kaftid - creature with eight legs, a seahorse-like head, leathery wings behind his head, and slimy green frog-skin. The Pretender
Human, Anteater The Suspicion
Unnamed Yellow Eyeball-like Creature The Sickness
Unnamed Chameleon-like Crab creature The Reunion
Unnamed Giant Squid-like creature, Luminar - humanoid creature that can generate heat and incinerate anything it touches The Mutation
Unnamed Muck Monster The Weakness
Human The Hidden
Bievilerd The Revelation
Unnamed Creature with a Thing For Eight The Resistance
Acid Monster, Liquid Monster The Return
Human, "squidlike creature" The Ultimate
Giant Octopus creature The Sacrifice
Host body Alloran (pre-infestation) morphs Taxxon and Hork-Bajir The Andalite Chronicles

Books Narrated By Esplin 9466Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Visser Three thought that Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Marco and Cassie were Andalites, since only Andalites (besides himself) could morph, simultaneously motivated by his own belief that the Andalites would never share their own technology with another race after their experience with the Yeerks, although the Yeerks eventually figured out their true identities.
  • Visser Three was feared greatly by the Animorphs.
  • Esplin 9466 has the title Visser Three from books #1-45 in the series. After the original Visser One is killed in book 45, he becomes Visser One for the rest of the series. During The Andalite Chronicles, his rank was Visser Thirty-Two. The Animorphs don't find out about this rank promotion until book 46.
  • In the TV series, Visser Three's human morph is named 'Victor Trent', but he is never given a human name in the novels, and it is never confirmed either way if the human morph was the product of a Frolis Maneuver or if he simply acquired an existing template and killed them.



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