Cassie is a known estreen

An Estreen is an individual who is naturally gifted at morphing. Some beings with the ability to morph are able to control the morphing process in a way that makes it look beautiful rather than disgusting and are better able to endure the strain of repeated morphing over a short amount of time. Cassie has demonstrated this talent.[1]

There appears to be no biological explanation for this phenomenon, it seems to be merely an inherent talent. Estreens are predominantly females, although male Estreens are not unheard of.[2] Some evidence suggests the psychological makeup of an individual also plays a role. It is theorized, however, that under extreme stress and with great motivation, that one who is not an Estreen may be able to control the morphing process in some way.

Andalite Estreens can make a living based on their talent. For example, Estrid's mother is a morph dancer[3] and Ax has mentioned morph artists. While the talent is considered mostly aesthetic, it can be useful in rapid morphing or in morphing clothes.

Known EstreensEdit


  • Estreens are predominantly females although male Estreens are not unheard of.


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