The Explorer is a well-designed Ketran Orbit and Atmosphere ship built to scout planets and moons and its design is a combination of Ketran sensibilities and alien pragmatism. It was designed and built by Head Tech Jicklet of the Ketrans. The ship was basically a crate similar to the Death Crate employed by the Capasins except it's hull was transparent due to Ketrans fear of confined spaces. It also had swooped wings and Ion Propulsion Engines. She was built for to fly in plantary orbits and atmospheres and is not Z-Space capable. She is armed with modified Capasin Beam weapons and the Ketran's Fire-And-Forget Explosive Homers. The ship is even capable of going underwater.


A single Explorer was created for scouting for worlds in search of a planet or moon that most resembled Ket. The Explorer was designed and built by Head Tech Jicklet. The craft saw its first mission scouting a small watery moon to see if it was suitable for Ketran Colonization, crewed by Toomin , Aguella and Jicklet. The discovered the moon was not, and were about return to back to the mother ship when the Father long tentacles attacked the ship. After destroying some of the Father's tentacles and killing and Unnamed Giant Fish the ship was brought down by more of the Father's tendrils. Later after the Ellimist absorbed the Father and built his ship/body he added the remains of the Explorer to it.


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