"I saw Father. He covered every square inch of the moon, every mile of ocean floor, every tiny island, everything from pole to pole. A billion tentacles all waving and waiting."
―The Ellimist[src]

Father's Moon is a small oceanic moon covered with oceans and a few bits of land here and there. It orbits the second planet of a sector that consists of 6 planets and 9 moons. It and another moon that orbit the same planet, are the only ones that contain life, with none of the other moons or planets having any in this sector. The moon is occupied by a single massive being known as the Father. Many races such as the Skrit Na and Ketrans were unlucky enough to fly close enough to the moon, only to become a part of the Father. One of the islands on Father's Moon contains many ships from the races he absorbed. This island is covered in lush green forests with the occasional orange or red plants. The flora of the island was mainly moss, vines and trees. After playing a number of games, the Ellimist absorbed the Father, who was in reality, little more than a large sponge. This caused the Father's Moon to become devoid ocean moon completely empty of anything but water and bits of dry land. After building his spaceship/body, the Ellimist vaporized Father's Moon with a powerful laser from the spaceship/body.