Him to his pseudo battle morph, Red Tailed Hawk

A Flight Morph is a morph used predominantly for aerial utility. The Animorphs each acquired these morphs specifically for the purpose of transportation, and most acquire more than one. Raptor morphs are birds of prey and can both fly and fight. Flying bugs also count as a flight morph.

Flight Morphs: AnimorphsEdit

Morphable character Raptor Morph Secondary Flight Morphs
Jake Peregrine Falcon Great Horned Owl, Seagull,Fly
Rachel Bald Eagle Great Horned Owl, Seagull,Fly
Tobias Red-Tailed Hawk (nothlit)

Mallard Duck, Seagull,Fly

Cassie Osprey

Great Horned Owl, Seagull,Fly

Marco Osprey Great Horned Owl, Mallard Duck, Fly,Seagull
Ax Northern Harrier Great Horned Owl, Mallard Duck,Fly, Seagull
David Golden Eagle Seagull


  • All of the Auxiliary Animorphs acquired pigeons to serve as their flight morphs. Several also acquired Tobias's red-tailed hawk. James is the only Auxiliary Animorph identified with his own unique raptor morph, a peregrine falcon.
  • Andalite arisths usually acquire the kafit bird, a twelve-winged bird from their world, as their flight morph of choice.
  • When the Yeerks acquired the Escafil Device, morph-capable Yeerks typically chose either the peregrine falcon or the golden eagle as their flight morphs. One Yeerk squad leader in The Absolute also used a red-tailed hawk morph.

    Ax morphing Northern Harrier


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