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"He's a male? He's a tomcat?"
"Yeah, I think so."
"Oh, wonderful. Please tell me he's been fixed, at least."
"Have you been fixed, Flutter McKitty? Why do we care?"
"Because pound for pound, a tomcat is like one of the toughest, most dangerous little things around."
"Who, Flutter? My little kitty friend Flutter?"
"Even if he is fixed, a male cat, out at night in hunting mode? We should have worn gloves."
Cassie and Rachel[src]

Fluffer McKitty is a tomcat belonging to Melissa Chapman. He is described as appearing "black and white in patches."


"You're just mad because you didn't get to drive a tank. Nobody got hurt. Nobody was home. Not even Fluffer McNutter or whatever that stupid cat's name is."
"Fluffer McKitty."
"Oh. Excuse me. Fluffer McKitty. That's so much better. Anyway, they're all fine. Melissa, her parents, her cat."
Marco and Rachel[src]

Melissa Chapman was given Fluffer McKitty by her father. She had the cat for several years. To infiltrate the Chapman home, Rachel acquired and morphed Fluffer. She was almost caught, but also learned of how depressed Melissa had become because of her parents seeming indifference.[1]

Fluffer, along with the Chapman family, survived when Marco and Tobias decide to park a tank on top of their house.[2] It is unknown what happened to Fluffer after the end of the war.


  • While Fluffer is described on page 27 of the visitor as being black and white in patches, the inside cover of the original release of The Visitor shows a grey cat. The 2011 re-release cover shows a black and white cat in accordance with the book's description.



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