The Folk are a non space-faring, but technolocially advanced race encountered by the Ellimist in the The Ellimist Chronicles whose homeworld is located in Quadrant Three, the same quadrant the Capasins and Laga also call home. The Folk are highly eugenic beings, as they kill 90% of their own children for either having defects or for imagined defects. The Folk are currently extinct, being wiped out by Crayak went he sent an asteroid toward their Homeworld, wiping out many which few survived. The Ellimist might have been able to save them, but it appears he left them so he could stop Crayak and save other races from Crayak's insteller genocide.


  • The Folk appear to be modeled after Nazis for both were obsessed with eugenics. It's likely that Folk society would be like Nazi's "Utopia" dreamed up by the likes of Himler and Hitler.


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