Animorphs as dolphins find andalite dome ship the message japanese illustration

The dome of the GalaxyTree dome ship that sunk to the bottom of the ocean after battle with Ax as the only survivor.

The GalaxyTree was the name of the Andalite Dome ship Elfangor and Ax were stationed on before the start of Book #1: The Invasion, where it was in battle in Earth's orbit against the Yeerks. Ax was inside the dome because he was an Aristh and couldn't be part of the fight. The dome was then separated from the rest of the ship for better maneuverability against the Yeerks, but the ship was destroyed by Visser Three's Blade ship, and the dome crashed into the Pacific Ocean, where Ax waited for weeks, until he was rescued by the Animorphs in Book #4: The Message. Its captain was a War-Prince named Nerefir.
Andalite Fleet
Dome ships StarSword | GalaxyTree | TailStrike | Elfangor
Cruiser class Intrepid
Andalite fighter Elfangor's fighter
Unknown class The Jahar | Ascalin

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