"Generation 9561 claimed to have lost nearly ten percent of Generation 9547, the first Generationals to attempt space, travel, and six percent of Generation 9548. Even as recently as 9558 they were losing substantial numbers in space-related accidents. Then again, individual Generationals die pretty easily. It's kind of what they do. Corporate life-forms just don't put up much of a fight over every interchangeable member."

The Generationals are an old and advanced race of corporate beings encountered throughout The Ellimist Chronicles. The Generationals were the ones who discovered Ket and it's natives the Ketrans. Some were also absorbed by the Father on his moon, who in turn was absorbed by the Ellimist. The Generationals call themselves Generationals because they name each Generation with a numbers, such as Generation 9561.


  • Generation 9547: Was the first Generation to attempt space flight. 10% were lost during their first attempt.
  • Generation 9548: Was the second Generation to continue space flight. 6% were lost during this attempt.
  • Generation 9558: Lost a number of Generationals in some space mission.
  • Generation 9559: Was the Generation that discovered planet Ket. Sending their explorers down to the surface in environmental suits and picking up samples from the surface, the Generationals were unaware of the Ketrans until one of their Air-Skimmers smashed into Great Southern Polar Crystal. They then formed some kind of relationship with the Ketrans and told them what they knew.
  • Generation 9561: Is the current Generation during the events of The Ellimist Chronicles.



  • Ellimist comments that individual Generationals die pretty easily. It's something they do, because since they are corporate lifeforms, they don't make much efforts save their brothers and sisters.
  • Lackofa comments that the Generationals homeworld has low backround radiation, thus their radio transmissions easily spread into the universe. This means many races are aware of them, including races that might want to do harm on them.