George Edelman
Biographical information
Gender Male
Eye color Gray
Family Unnamed family
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Underground
Last appearance The Underground
"I just wish... the times when I am myself, when I am in control, I wish I didn't have to spend them in here."
―George Edelman[src]

George Edelman was a former human-Controller, who attempted to commit suicide after regaining control from his Yeerk.


"Apparently this poor man claims he has an alien living in his head."

George Edelman was a human-Controller, who, after eating maple and ginger flavored instant oatmeal, caused the Yeerk that controlled him to go insane. Thinking he had nothing to live for now that the world saw him as a crazy person, Edelman felt that he had no choice left but to commit suicide, which he tried to do by jumping from the window of a skyscraper and plummeting towards the earth. He was saved by the Animorphs in their bird of prey morphs, they carried him towards the edge of a river, but he had sunk into the river and was now stuck in the mud at the bottom. Rachel then dived down in her dolphin morph and freed Edelman, then she pushed him up to the surface and nosed him to the riverbank, where he was yanked up onto dry land and given CPR by Arnold Schwartzenegger.

He was then commited to a mental institution, where he explained his situation to others, but they didn't believe him. The Animorphs then infiltrated the institution, where he explained to Rachel that during the Kandrona starvation, the Yeerks discovered by accident that by eating maple and ginger flavored instant oatmeal, the Yeerk could survive, but it proved to be terribly addictive; causing them to eliminate the need for Kandrona rays and driving them insane at the same time, it seemed that the oatmeal literally replaces some of a Yeerk's brain stem and once exposed, they could not resist it. He also explains that there is no way to get the Yeerk out of his head, it will live inside him forever.

Edelman was later freed by Rachel when she broke into the institution in her grizzly bear morph and thought-spoke to him. She told him to leave and not to kill himself again. She felt that some of the times when Edelman's was in charge and during that time, in between the mad ravings of the Yeerk, she wanted him to be free.


  • In the TV series, Edelman suffers a worse fate than in the books. Instead of being freed by Rachel, he had the insane Yeerk inside him extracted by two Controllers and replaced by another Yeerk, who goes on to participate in the handling of the Gleet Bio-Filter's programming.