Rachel morphing the grizzly

"Then... I realized I was no longer afraid. A deep confidence had welled up inside of me. Utter confidence. Utter fearlessness. I realized I was no longer standing erect. I was on all fours. When I looked down I expected to see my two hands splayed on the dirt. Instead I saw massive paws. Coarse, dark brown fur. Black claws, each like the point of a pickax. I had become the bear. It was his confidence I felt. It was his total lack of fear. I was an animal that had never, in a thousand generations of grizzly bears, known an instant of real fear."

The Grizzly Bear was Rachel's primary battle morph, replacing her African Elephant's primary combat duties.


"I was thinking about flying out to The Gardens, to the zoo. Maybe acquiring some new morph. Something really strong and mean in case we get into a fight down there. A lion. Or a grizzly bear or something."
Rachel to Tobias[src]

This is one of the few battle morphs not to be acquired in The Invasion. This battle morph was acquired in The Stranger. She acquired this morph because Rachel has problems with making a choice of her own. Her dad is moving to another city in another state, and he wants Rachel to come along with him, but Rachel is overwhelmed by the decision of whether or not to go with him and return to a normal life, or to stay to continue fighting the Yeerks. Rachel, angered and confused that night, acquires a grizzly bear at The Gardens. Later in The Ultimate, despite Rachel's jealously, Julio decides to acquire a grizzly morph as well.


Battle Morphs 001

Rachel as a bear fighting a Howler.

"The only one of us who had any kind of natural ability to fight was Ax. I was already trying to focus my mind on the bear that I had made a part of me. Part of me knew it was foolish. I should morph the elephant, or a wolf. I knew both of those morphs, I could handle them. But I also knew the elephant might not fit in the dropshaft. And I wanted power."

This morph quickly replaced African Elephant, as Rachel's main battle morph. It was her favorite and her most used morph. It was used in most of the battles. In the alternate timeline, shown in Elfangor's Secret, Marco acquired this morph.


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