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Sentient; Female dominant;
Ego maniacal; Fungible species

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The Suspicion

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The Journey

"We are the Helmacrons! We are the rulers of the galaxy! All who oppose us will be utterly annihilated!"

Helmacrons are a sentient thought-speak capable race of tiny aliens about the size of a flea.

Species InformationEdit


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Close-up of many Helmacrons on the tongue of the Anteater Cassie has morphed

Helmacrons are a tiny alien race, being about a sixteenth of an inch tall. They appear humanoid-insectoid with blue skin, two pairs of legs, heads shaped like upside-down cones, two googly eyes sitting on top, and vertical mouths. Female Helmacrons are larger and more aggressive than male Helmacrons.[1]

Helmacrons have the unusual mental ability to transfer their minds to another when their bodies are destroyed. Therefore, one can never really "kill" a Helmacron mind, since it dwells within other Helmacrons. Despite this, the Helmacrons seem to be no wiser than if they had only one, or even no mind at all; despite their tiny size and relative weakness, they have inflated personalities and further inflated egos, constantly proclaiming that they will crush all other races.[1]

Helmacrons are possibly related to plants or, more likely amphibious beings as they are able to breathe in Marco's plasma (along with the other animorphs and Ax while in sea creature morphs) in The Journey.


Helmacrons all wear silver jumpsuits with turquoise collars.[1]

Female Helmacrons are dominant to male Helmacrons. Female Helmacrons hold important military and leadership positions on a spaceship, while male Helmacrons have more menial tasks such as janitorial work or guard duty.[1]

The Helmacrons kill their leaders before promoting them to make sure the captain will never make an error in judgment and thus have to be executed for making mistakes.[1]

Helmacrons (or at least the males) do not have names. A male, whom Marco dubs "Wuss", did not even know the meaning of the word "name".[1]

They are quite fanatical about ruling the galaxy, except they lack the seriousness of the Yeerks to carry out these plans. They're also impossible to kill since they're a fungible species. When a Helmacron "dies", its mind gets absorbed by another.

Helmacrons along with dracon beams also carry swords or another kind of bladed weapon.

After the Animorphs first Helmacron encounter, Marco and Cassie had given the male Helmacrons a pep talk, inspiring them to revolt from their slave-like existence.[1] The subsequent revolt of male Helmacrons throughout their empire has ultimately destabilized their already shaky social order. When last they appear, the Helmacrons are well on their way to engaging a massive civil war between the sexes.[2]


Helmacrons are technologically advanced; they have a shrink ray that can shrink people down to their size (Although it is implied that they required the energy of the morphing cube to develop this weapon). They have also developed Dracon beams and mastered interstellar travel.[1]

They have insanely huge egos, they're fond of using big words when referring to themselves, and think highly of everything they do and poorly of everything their competitors do.[1]



Helmacrons on Cassie's tongue while she is in giant anteater morph at The Gardens

  • Helmacron spaceships have grandiose and violent names such as Galaxy Blaster or Planet Crusher, despite the fact that they are the size of childrens' toys.
  • Helmacron spaceships resemble the Romulan D'deridex starship from the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation (Although this may just mean that they closely resemble the original ships, as Rachel and Cassie simply guessed that the ship was Romulan and neither of them regularly watch the show)
  • First observing the male-female dynamic of the Helmacrons prompted Marco to comment that they were "an entire species of Rachels".
  • Helmacrons have never apparently had any meaningful contact with the Andalites, as Ax was unaware of their existence (Although, given Ax's demonstratedly lax academic record, Ax admitting himself that he wasn't paying attention in some of his classes, he may have simply missed this lesson).
  • The Yeerks are aware of the Helmacrons. Visser Three was known to regard the destruction of a Helmacron ship as no great challenge, even mockingly referring to the damaged ship as 'cute' after he had destroyed it with a hand-held Dracon beam. They are also somewhat of a joke among the Yeerks, as Visser One mocks Visser Three's pride by saying he had been hanging around with the Helmacrons.


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