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"We were peaceful people, tending our trees, ignorant of our creators. Unaware of everyone else in the galaxy. Now look at us. Now look what has become of us. The despised children of the Arn. Slaves of the Yeerks. Tools of the Andalites."
Dak Hamee[src]

The Hork-Bajir /ˌhɔːrk.bəˈdʒɪər/[1] are a peaceful alien race, who became enslaved by the Yeerks and used by them as shock troops.



"Hork-Bajir are incredibly dangerous and very powerful. They stand on two legs, balanced by a tail. Each leg ends in a foot, like an Earth bird of prey. They have two arms. There are curved blades at their knees, at their elbows, at their wrists. Blades similar to my own tail blade. Atop their snakelike heads are two more blades, swept forward. And their tails end in long, sharp spikes. They are not a species you want to start a fight with. Which may be why they were such a peaceful, even poetic, species. They had no one to fear. Until the Yeerks began to make them into Controllers."

The Hork-Bajir are bipedal, have strong reptilian bodies with dark green-black leathery skin, and two hearts. They have snake-like necks with a sharp beak at the end of their heads, tyrannosaurus-like feet, three claw-tipped fingers and a thumb on each hand, and measure to a height of seven feet in adulthood. Their most notable feature is that they have huge, long blades all over their bodies: their elbows, wrists, feet, legs, head, and tail. Male and female Hork-Bajir are told apart by the number of blades on their heads; males have three blades while females have two. According to Ket Halpak, there is another difference, but claims that it was only for Hork-Bajir to know.[2]

Hork Bajir feet Book 20 the discovery inside cover

Hork-Bajir feet

Although they look fierce, the Hork-Bajir are a race of pacifists. They never even understood the concept of violence or fighting until the Yeerks showed up. Their blades are used for stripping bark off the huge 100 to 1,300-foot trees on their homeworld. Their intelligence is equivalent to that of a human toddler. They cannot see well in the dark, but they do have an excellent sense of hearing[3] and smell.[4] Their blood appears in shades of deep red and deeper blue-green. They also possess a high tolerance to pain and are capable of healing quickly.


"They aren't a city-building or road-building species. They are quite primitive, according to the data from the robot probes. Their appearance can be very fearsome, but they are harmless, gentle herbivores. Not especially bright, I'm afraid. No culture to speak of. No written language. No music, as far as we know. They don't build much, if anything. And they are technologically the equivalent of a primordial civilization."

Before their enslavement by the Yeerks, the Hork-Bajir were regarded as a simple, peaceful race that possessed little evidence of art, language or even music. They were divided into separate tribal groups, that spread across the valleys of their world. Centered around each of these tribes was the Tribe Tree, the main tree used by the Hork-Bajir as their center of social organization. Despite their primitive state, the Hork-Bajir had a rich oral culture centered around their two creator deities Father Deep and Mother Sky. In addition, they were technologically adept at using hollowed-out trees, known as the Speaking Trees, as a means of primitive long-distance communication.


"We may be simple people. But we don't use biology to invent monsters. And we don't enslave other species. And we don't unleash a plague of parasites on the galaxy, endangering every other free species, and then go swaggering around like the lords of the universe. No, we're too simple for all that. We're too stupid to lie and manipulate. We're too stupid to be ruthless. We're too stupid to know how to build powerful weapons designed to annihilate our enemies. Until you came, Andalite, we were too stupid to know how to kill."
Dak Hamee to Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan[src]
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The Arn, a now extinct race and the original inhabitants of the Hork-Bajir homeworld, created the Hork-Bajir to look after the huge trees of their homeworld by stripping and eating the bark off of them. When the Arn created the Hork-Bajir, there was a gene they could not weed out, the gene of intelligence. Every thousand years or so, one of the Hork-Bajir is born a "seer". The seers are much more intelligent than their brothers and sisters and in times of trouble, the other Hork-Bajir may look to them to lead.

The Hork-Bajir homeworld was the first world the Yeerks reached out to for conquest. When they first saw them, the Yeerks thought the Hork-Bajir were huge warriors, not peaceful, gentle bark eaters. So they enslaved them to become fierce soldiers. The remaining free Hork-Bajir were destroyed by the Quantum Virus, which War-Prince Alloran-Semitur-Corrass had programmed to kill all Hork-Bajir – Controllers as well as the free Hork-Bajir still alive on the planet – to prevent them from becoming enslaved. In The Hork-Bajir Chronicles, a young Hork-Bajir seer named Dak Hamee befriended an Andalite named Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan during the Hork-Bajir war. Aldrea morphed and became a Hork-Bajir nothlit, and the two later married. They had a son Aldrea named Seerow (after her father). Her great-granddaughter, Toby Hamee is also a seer.

In The Change, with the interference of the Ellimist, Tobias and the other Animorphs help a Hork-Bajir couple named Jara Hamee and Ket Halpak escape the Yeerk Pool and establish a colony for free Hork-Bajir in a hidden valley deep in the forest that was created by the Ellimist. Throughout the series, Jara and Ket continue to help other Hork-Bajir to freedom. By the end of the series, they became a free species, establishing a new home, protected by the American government, on Earth.


"The Hork-Bajir stood peacefully as Rachel reached out her slender fingers to touch the creature's back. The Hork-Bajir went slightly limp as she began to "acquire" him. To absorb his DNA and make it part of her."

The first Hork-Bajir to have been acquired was Delf Hajool, by Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan. Alloran-Semitur-Corrass also acquired a Hork-Bajir morph during his trip to the Taxxon homeworld. Rachel and Tobias acquired Jara Hamee and Ket Halpak respectively in The Change, while the other four Animorphs acquired Hork-Bajir morphs in The Prophecy. Cassie and Marco also acquired another Hork-Bajir morph in The Unexpected and The Revelation respectively.


"I was going to a morph I'd only used once: Hork-Bajir. Normally I would never use the Hork-Bajir morph. Hork-Bajir are sentient creatures. We have a rule about morphing humans or other free, sentient species. We're not the Yeerks, after all. We don't just go around taking and using the DNA of free people. But this was a unique case. We needed Bek, the Hork-Bajir child, to come with us willingly. And I knew that Ket Halpak – whose DNA was the basis for my morph – would not object at all."

Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan was the first to acquire and morph a Hork-Bajir, acquiring Delf Hajool in order to show Dak Hamee the acquisition trance and later morphing into her in order to traverse the trees of the Hork-Bajir homeworld. However, the pair were caught by Esplin 9466, and in the ensuing chaos, she was knocked out. When Aldrea came to, she realized she had been trapped in Hork-Bajir morph. Aldrea then chose to live on the homeworld with Dak Hamee, marrying him and conceiving a son, Seerow Hamee. Nearly a decade later, Alloran-Semitur-Corrass acquired and morphed a Hork-Bajir-Controller on the Taxxon homeworld, as an alternative to being in a Taxxon morph. Alloran then used the morph to threaten Esplin 9466 in allowing safe passage for himself, Elfangor, Chapman, Loren and Arbron.

Rachel was the first Animorph to use a Hork-Bajir morph, morphing into Jara Hamee in The Change in order to lead the Yeerks on a false trail while the real Jara escaped. However, that only proved to be a temporary solution, and thus Rachel and Tobias, with the latter morphing into Ket Halpak, faked the Hork-Bajir couple's death in order to free them from Yeerk persecution. Tobias morphed into Ket once more in The Pretender, in order to retrieve Bek, and would later go on to use the Hork-Bajir morph as his secondary battle morph. Jake, Cassie, Marco and Ax morphed Hork-Bajir in The Prophecy, during a trip to the Hork-Bajir homeworld.

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  • Ax once claimed that Hork-Bajir frequently fought each other due to a biological clock in The Alien. This is later proven to be false and is rectified in the 2012 reprint.
  • In The Prophecy, Aldrea refers to the sky as 'father' while in all other books it is referred to as 'mother.' In a Discord interview on 1/13/2018, Michael Grant explained this by saying that Hork-Bajir don't have a human concept of gender, and that mother and father can be used interchangeably in their language. However, this contradicts The Change and The Hork-Bajir Chronicles, where the Hork-Bajir are aware of the male and female gender.


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