A dam near the Hork-Bajir Valley.

"But even now, even knowing precisely where it was, even with all my hawk vision focused, all my innate direction-finding ability carefully attuned, I had a hard time finding it. Call it a spell. That's what the Ellimist had done: He had cast a fairy-tale spell over this place, making it almost impossible for any mere mortal to find it. The eyes slid away. The feathers did not feel a breeze that blew from it. The ears heard no sound that came from it. It was the valley of the Hork-Bajir. The free Hork-Bajir."

The Hork-Bajir Valley, also known as the Free Hork-Bajir Valley or the Free Hork-Bajir Colony, is home to a number of free Hork-Bajir. The valley was enchanted by the Ellimist to ensure their protection.[1][2]


"I flew toward the mountains. Toward the secret, hidden valley the Ellimist had showed me. Even now I had trouble finding it. Even though I knew exactly where it was. Even though, as a red-tailed hawk, I had vision far better than any human. The Ellimist had concealed the valley from human eyes. How? Who knows? The Ellimist could hide all of planet Earth if he wanted to. But knowing where the valley was, I could find it with some effort. I found the narrow gap between two ridges. I was not fooled by the way my eyes kept sliding away from the gap, as if some negative magnetism was at work."

To protect the valley and its inhabitants, the Ellimist "enchanted" the valley to make it difficult to find. Even those who have visited the valley numerous times have difficulty not overlooking the valley.

Jara Hamee and Ket Halpak continued to bring more free Hork-Bajirs to their colony. Many Hork-Bajirs began families and for the first time in decades, Hork-Bajir born out of captivity. One of these children was Toby Hamee, a seer.

After Marco and his father had to fake their own deaths, they along with Marco's recently freed mother took up residence in the valley for protection.[3]

Not long afterward the Yeerks discovered the identities of the Animorphs, and they were forced to all relocate to the valley. Cassie's parents, Tobias' mother, Rachel's mother and sisters were all brought to the valley. However, Jake's parents and brother were apprehended by the Yeerks before the Animorphs could extract them.[4]

After the end of the war, the Hork-Bajirs were given Yellowstone National Park as a new home.[5]



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