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The human Animorphs and Ax.

"Humans. Humans, with fingers more delicate and capable than any Taxxon or Hork-Bajir or Gedd. Humans, who could be fed almost anything, unlike the bark-eating Hork-Bajir or the eternally ravenous, cannibalistic Taxxons. Humans, who exist in numbers far greater than all those species combined. We are the perfect host bodies. Not as dangerous as a Hork-Bajir can be, but infinitely more adaptable."

Humans are the dominant species of Earth. They are the latest victims of the Yeerk Empire. According to assorted Yeerks throughout the series, humans were chosen as targets because they are numerous (numbering around 5.8 billion potential hosts at the time of writing) and unaware of the existence of other sentient life forms. According to Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, it is possible that the Yeerks also feared humans due to their ability to adapt and learn rapidly. Humans have a distant cousin that live in the ocean known as the Nartec, a race of aquatic humans.