The Inner Worlders are race hailing from the Inner World, encountered by the Ellimist in The Ellimist Chronicles. Inner Worlders are winged and have multiple yellow eyes. They have been for long time been fighting their neighbors, the Jallians though it's never stated why. The Ellimist attempted to stop the bloodshed by blocking the space in between the Inner World and Jall with an asteroid field of asteriods. While this ended the conflict for a short bit because both Inner Worlder and Jallian Warships could not reach each others planet, the crafty Inner Worlders soon launched Nuclear Space Mines toward the Jall. While many failed to reach the Jall because they smashed into the asteroid, enough made to the Jall to wipe them out. Despite their victory over the Jallians, they soon turned againest one another. They currently nothing more than savages.

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