Isaiah Fitzhenry
Biographical information
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Died During the American Civil War
Occupation Soldier
Affiliation Union
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Resistance
Last appearance The Resistance
Cause Killed by Confederate soldiers

 The date is December 23, 1864. The American Civil War. Lieutenant Isaiah Fitzhenry is charged with defending the town of Sinkler's Ridge, Tennessee from General Forrest and his Confederate forces. Fitzhenry's men are vastly outnumbered, outgunned, and dying by the day from the cold. In short, things don't look good.  A band of escaped slaves, led by a man named Jacob offer their assistance to Fitzhenry's ranks, but they are turned down, because racism. Fitzhenry realizes that he needs their help, but worries if his soldiers will willingly cooperate, again, because racism. Ultimately he is backed into a corner and takes Jacob up on his offer, training them into a top shape fighting force in about twenty minutes or so. The battle comes and they all fight valiently, but both Jacob and Fitzhenry are shot in the crossfire. Fitzhenry dies, hoping he made the right choice. He is was Jake's great-great-great-granduncle. Jake found and read Isaiah's wartime diary in The Resistance.

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