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Sentient; Buy/Sell anything including memories

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The Attack

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The Exposed (mentioned)
The Next Passage(alternate reality based on plot of The Attack)

The Iskoort are a strange, capitalistic race that live on a distant planet on the far side of the galaxy. They are divided into castes which live in guilds and spend their lives doing only what their caste specifies. For example, salesman Iskoort sell anything they can-even memories, skin, and hair. There are even Iskoort whose sole purpose is to buy goods in order to keep the economy going.

They have torsos like a wheezing, veiny pink accordion, vulture heads, and legs that make them look like they're walking backwards. They are actually a combination of two races: the Isk and the Yoort. The Isk were artificially created, and engineered so that they cannot live without the Yoort. The Yoort were likewise modified so that they can't live without the Isk, ensuring that neither of them rebels or abuses the other. The Yoorts were a parasite race much like the Yeerks and who also feed on Kandrona Rays. They, too, took over creatures as hosts and tried to conquer the galaxy. However, after spending so long being forced to enslave others in order  to be free themselves, they came up with a solution. They engineered special hosts that would be most suited to them and could not live without them. In order to be true symbiotes, they altered themselves as well, so that they and their host bodies, called the Isk, formed a single race, the Iskoort, who then built an orderly society on their new home planet. Their society is a strange mix of chaos and order, but they are very important in the fate of the galaxy. The Ellimist and Crayak wage their battle over them because in about three centuries, the Iskoort and the Yeerk will meet, and the Yeerks will discover that there is an alternative to their current lifestyle.

Notable IskoortEdit


  • Guild of Traders
  • Criminal Guild
  • Warmaker Guild
  • Servant Guild
  • Shopper Guild
  • Worker Guild
  • News, Gossip, and Speculation Guild
  • Superstition and Magic Guild


  • Grand Guildmaster
  • Guide
  • Skin-Seller
  • Memory Wholesaler
  • Trader

Interspecies relationshipsEdit

The Iskoort were once a species much like the Yeerks. They too began as a conquering race that enslaved many others but eventually grew weary of this and found an alternative.

They created the Isks, a symbiote that not only could sustain them but needed them to survive, and modifying themselves so that they could evolve beyond the parasitic lifestyle. Since then, the Iskoort have opened their arms to other alien species whom they often treat rather well. Although it is said the Warmaker and Criminal Guilds  dislike off-worlders, though they enjoy Howler Memories. Even the Howlers appear to be on good terms with them, as they often sell their memories to them.

They are related to the Yeerks, but the Yeerks were unaware of their existence or evolution beyond a parasitic need. Likewise, the Iskoort did not know about the Yeerks until obtaining the Animorph's memories.

Animorphs: Shattered RealityEdit

Iskoort from Animorphs Shattered Reality
In the game Animorphs: Shattered Reality, Iskoort are one of the "bad guys" the player must fight against.

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