"They were technologically advanced, though not capable of Z-space travel yet. They communicated by microwave and laser emissions. They moved across the lands and seas and through the skies of their respective planets. They had suppressed most diseases."
―The Ellimist on the Jallians and the Inner Worlders[src]

The Jallians are race hailing from planet Jall and encountered by the Ellimist in The Ellimist Chronicles. The Jallians are a race of slug-like race with multiple arms that appear to have a caste system similar to ants, as their leader is referred to as Mother. The Jallians have been fighting for against their neighbors the Inner Worlders of the Inner World, though it's never mentioned why. The Jallians like the Inner Worlders both lack Z-space engines, but are capable of space travel. The 333 apparently either watched or met the Jallians like they did with the Inner Worlders The Ellimist attempts to end the conflict between the Inner Worlders and Jallians by blocking the space between their two homeworlds. This only ends the conflict for a short period of time, as the crafty Inner Worlders launch thousands of nuclear mines toward the Jall. While most failed to reach their Jall, enough got through the asteriod field to wipe out the entire Jallian race.

Notable MembersEdit