Jeanne Gerard
(pronounced Zhann)
Biographical information
Gender Female
Born ~1982-4
Occupation French Deuxième Bureau trainee
Affiliation New Animorphs
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Beginning
Last appearance The Beginning

Jeanne Gerard is one of the "New Animorphs" who took The Rachel to save Ax.


Jeanne Gerard is a French Deuxième Bureau trainee and a student in Jake's morphing classes.[1]

Jeanne and Santorelli were both recruited to the "New Animorphs" and tasked with the mission to save Ax somewhere in Kelbrid space. Both were chosen by Jake for their strength and lack of any close family.[2]

Along with Jake, Marco, Tobias, Menderash and Santorelli, she helped steal the Yeerk prototype ship, The Rachel, and sent off for Kelbrid space.[3]


  • Jeanne has a cousin who "likes short men", although she may have made this fact up in order to shoot down Marco's advances.


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