Jeremy Jason McCole is a teen heartthrob, and the lead young actor on the hit show called Power House whom briefly turned into Controller by Esplin 9466 as means to recruit more female teenagers to entered The Sharing.


Jeremy Jason was the Power House star whom born in Altoona, Pennsylvania. He willingly becomes a Controller when offered greater wealth, fame, and glory by Visser Three. McCole goes on tour to promote The Sharing on the Barry and Cindy Sue Show. However, when the Animorphs storm the studio, McCole is nearly killed by a crocodile- created when Rachel's body expelled the DNA of a morph that she was allergic to- and the Yeerk in him dies when Rachel in bear form steps on it. His stardom and fame shattered due to chaos, McCole disappears from the public eye and retires to Uzbekistan.

Known FamilyEdit

The known family whom Jeremy Jason had was his sisters Jessica and Madison.

TV SeriesEdit

In TV Series, his name changed into Jason Jon McCole.

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