"I saw the two massive, three-fingered hands of the Jubba-Jubba close around the Hork-Bajir's chest. I heard a cry. A roar. And the Hork-Bajir's body fell to the ground on top of me. A body with no head."
Dak Hamee[src]
A Jubba-Jubba is a giant creature from the Hork-Bajir homeworld that is one of several monsters created by the Arn to keep any wandering Hork-Bajir away, and was possibly the first most of them would encounter. A Jubba-Jubba is powerful enough to take its three-fingered hands and tear a Hork-Bajir in two with ease, or eat one whole.


Trip to the MistEdit

"Aldrea's tail flashed again and again, and there came a roaring howl like nothing I had ever heard or imagined. A huge, three-fingered hand fell to the ground. Fell and lay there. Dead. Severed from the monster. The monster screamed in rage. [...] The Jubba-Jubba monster did not follow. For the first time in history, a monster of Father Deep had been defeated."
Dak Hamee[src]

Fighting the YeerksEdit

"A Jubba-Jubba simply climbed up the side of the tree, passing me and leaping on the stunned defenders. The Jubba-Jubba grabbed the nearest Hork-Bajir-Controller, opened his vast mouth, and swallowed him from head to waist."
Dak Hamee[src]


Known MorphersEdit