Biographical information
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Red
Family Father (UniBank owner)
Affiliation None/Yeerks
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Departure
Last appearance The Departure

Karen was a human and former host body of Aftran 942.


Karen's father was the owner of UniBank, and Karen was made a Controller so that the Yeerks could get closer to him. However, after Aftran's brother, Estril 731, was killed in a battle with the Animorphs, she followed Cassie home and spied on her as she depmorphed, learning her secret.

Later, Aftran became lost in the woods with Cassie. Cassie tried to convince Aftran to leave Karen's body, at one point giving her own body to Aftran so that Karen might go free. Cassie then made a deal with Aftran: she would morph into a caterpillar and deliberately trap herself in the morph, in exchange for Aftran leaving Karen and never taking another human host. Both Cassie and Aftran honoured their ends of the deal; Cassie was later able to escape from her morph, and met briefly with Karen, who confirmed that Aftran had let her go free.[1]


  • Karen's age is never stated; she is described as "young", which presumably means younger than Cassie. Most likely, she is between five and ten years old.
  • Aftran asks Cassie how Marco's "monkey" morph could hurt her. Cassie replies that it's really his gorilla morph. Aftran then says that Curious George is the closest thing Karen knew of, further implying that Karen is very young.


  1. The Departure

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