"No, it's not in the sims. And it won't be on the Uninet at all. You need to understand something: This isn't your old life. This trip is a little more than an innocent scientific excursion. And it's definitely not a game."-Lackofa telling Toomin the true nature of the mission to Quadrant Three.

Lackofa was a Ketran, Exobiologist and a good friend of Toomin during the events of The Ellimist Chronicles. He was known as Azure Level, Seven spar, Extension Two, Down-Messanger Forty-Two. His chosen name was Lackofa. It was pronounced LACK-of-uh.


Lackofa lived on the Equalateral High Crystal, a 1.4 million year old crystal. He, a biologist, was a 'essential' on the Emcee (Mapping Crystal Quadrant three. Lackofa died in the crash that killed the entirety of the Ketran race except for the Ellimist.


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