"I glanced at Azure Level, Seven Spar, Extension Two. Down-Messenger Forty-two, my closest "up." He was a taciturn person, always had been. I'd tried many times to engage him in the games, but he was a serious scientist, one of those visionaries I mentioned. I thought of him as "Old Forty-two," though I doubt he was much older than me. His chosen name was Lackofa. He pronounced it "LACK-uv-uh." I think it was supposed to be droll."

Lackofa (formally Azure Level, Seven spar, Extension Two, Down-Messanger Forty-Two) was a Ketran biologist and a friend of Toomin during the events of The Ellimist Chronicles. Lackofa lived on the Equalateral High Crystal, a 1.4 million year old crystal. He, a biologist, was a 'essential' on the Mapping Crystal Quadrant 3. Lackofa died in the crash that killed the entirety of the Ketran race except for the Ellimist.