Leera is the home planet of the Leerans. The planet is 92% water, while the other 8% is a few bare island and only one continent, which used to be the Leerans' only breeding ground. The Leerans make their homes underwater in huge lavish cities, but can use the land to lay their eggs and they also used the continent for commerce with other races. The oceans of Leera are as clear as air, allowing one to see for miles and there is a huge variety of underwater life. The Leeran continent was destroyed by the Animorphs to thwart the Yeerk invasion of the planet after the Andalites faked a major loss so that the Yeerks would deploy their forces en masse, Leeran technology having advanced to the point where they no longer needed the continent to lay eggs.[1]

Major CitiesEdit




  1. The Decision

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