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Sentient; Telepathic; Aquatic; Amphibious; Regenerative;
Facultative air breathers

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The Escape

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The Familiar

Leerans are a sentient aquatic amphibious race from the planet Leera.


Physiology Edit

Leerans are an aquatic amphibious race described as looking like giant yellow frogs. They have four tentacles for arms, large green eyes, big flipper feet, and a head that slopes back into a rounded node. Leerans naturally possess advanced psychic powers(Divination) and are able to read the minds of creatures within a few yards of themselves.[1] Additionally, like most amphibians, Leerans are able to regenerate lost or damaged portions of their bodies.[2]

Homeworld, History and Culture Edit

Leera, the Leerans' homeworld, is a planet mostly covered in water and is home to huge variety of underwater life. Most of the planet is covered in water, but there is one small continent and a few islands here and there. The Leerans make their homes underwater of the coast in huge lavish cities. The oceans of Leera are as clear as air; one can see for miles in any direction.[2]

The Leerans worship a god called Cha-Ma-Mib.[2]

Leeran speech appears to be composed entirely of monosyllabic words, each consisting of two letters. However, as they speak, the listener can hear (or feel) the meaning that is being conveyed, as is usual with thought-speak; however, Leeran thought-speak goes even deeper than that, and Leerans are also able to sense emotions, as well as thoughts that other beings do not "say."[2]

Leeran-Yeerk Conflict Edit

The Leerans adaptability and advanced psychic powers makes them very desirable Yeerk hosts. However, their telepathy also makes it impossible for the Yeerks to invade the Leera secretly and silently as they have done on Earth. For this reason the Yeerks intended to genetically modify hammerhead sharks with brains large enough to be infestable to serve as underwater shock troops on Leera. Visser One was personally overseeing this project and brought several Leeran-Controllers to Earth with her.[1]

While attempting to shut down the Yeerks' underwater research facility where they were enhancing the hammerhead sharks, the Animorphs had their first encounter with Leeran-Controllers, but generally managed to stay far enough away from the Leerans to ensure that their secrets were kept. One Leeran-controller attempted to inform Visser One that she was facing a human during a confrontation between Visser One and an 'Andalite Bandit', but fortunately the 'bandit' in question was Marco in his gorilla morph; Visser One assumed that the Leeran-Controller had made a mistake and was judging the other being based on his current shape, buying Marco time to take the Leeran out before it could explain itself. A Leeran-Controller subsequently saved Visser One when the base was destroyed.[1]

Later the Animorphs accidentally travel to Leera, where they are influential in aiding the Andalites and Leeran forces in ending the Yeerk occupation of Leera by ensuring the destruction of the only Leeran continent after the Yeerks had landed their forces on it en masse, the Leerans being perfectly happy underwater and their technology having advanced to the point that they would have no need for the continent for such activities as laying eggs. During their time on Leera Jake, Marco, Cassie and Ax also acquired Leeran morphs to pass through a Leeran city after freeing a group of Leeran-controllers from their Yeerks by literally biting the Yeerk out (Rachel and Tobias had already been 'snapped' back to Earth before they had the opportunity to acquire Leerans).


  • Cassie once said that her mom's marine biologist friend would cut off her arm to spend an hour in Leera's oceans.
  • A few Leeran children are a part of the Evolutionist Front in The Familiar.
  • Leerans are one of the enemy species you must avoid in the Animorphs Gameboy Color game.
Leerans bio from animorphs gameboy booklet

Leeran description from the Animorphs Gameboy Color game. They are one of the enemies you must avoid in the game.


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