"The Jallians were represented by a multi-armed slug of sorts. She had no name, only a title, a designation. She was Life-giver of the Jain Sea. And indeed she was giving birth as she appeared to my enhanced sight. One after another, small, squirming grubs slid gooey and red from slits arranged in a circle around her middle. The grubs were picked up and carried away by attendants — the type of creatures I'd seen writhing in vacuums just moments earlier."

The Life-Giver of the Jain Sea was unnamed breeding female Jallian from Jall, named only by rank. Since her entire race served here, she felt the universe should obey her just like the rest of her kind. When talking to the Ellimist when he interfered in their war againest the Inner Worlders of Inner World, she kept calling him nothing despite the fact he held their fleets hostage. She is long dead, though how she died is unknown.