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"You are an Andalite. You are not a human. Obey our laws. I am giving you an order: Resist the Yeerks. But give the humans no information and no technology. Do you understand my order, aristh Aximili?"
"The fleet is engaged in many parts of the galaxy. We are doing well against the Yeerks. But it will be some time before we can come to Earth. Fight the Yeerks. If you are half the hero your brother was, you will bring honor on your family."
―Lirem and Aximili[src]

Lirem-Arrepath-Terrouss is a stern veteran Andalite Prince and head of the Andalite council. He served in many battles, including the Yeerk invasion of the Hork-Bajir homeworld where he was an advisor to the Hork-Bajir. When he learned that Elfangor broke the law of Seerow's Kindness and gave the morphing power to five alien youths, he orders Ax to assume all the responsibility for Elfangor's action to preserve his honor. Ax reluctantly complies and is consequently forgiven.

When Ax contacted the Andalite homeworld one last time to deliver a message from Alloran-Semitur-Corrass, he says that Earth is now his home and that he will tell the Animorphs everything, as he won't let the humans be destroyed like the Hork-Bajir, which angered Lirem and prompted him to declare that Ax was just like Elfangor.