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This is a list of episodes in the Animorphs TV series.



Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, and Marco from the show

Season 1

  1. My Name is Jake (Part 1)
  2. My Name is Jake (Part 2)
  3. Underground
  4. On the Run
  5. Between Friends
  6. The Message
  7. The Escape
  8. The Capture (Part 1)
  9. The Capture (Part 2)
  10. The Alien
  11. The Reaction
  12. The Stranger
  13. The Forgotten
  14. Tobias
  15. Not My Problem
  16. The Leader (Part 1)
  17. The Leader (Part 2)
  18. The Release
  19. Face Off (Part 1)
  20. Face Off (Part 2)

Season 2Edit


Cassie, Jake, Ax, Rachel, and Tobias

  1. Face Off (Part 3)
  1. My Name is Erek
  1. The Front
  1. Changes (Part 1)
  1. Changes (Part 2)
  1. Changes (Part 3)

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