The Animorphs franchise didn't stop at its successful book series and TV show - three video games were created as well,
Know the Secret shattered reality advertisement

Advertisement for the PC game Know the Secret and the Playstation game Shattered Reality

all released in the year 2000. Animorphs:Shattered Reality was made for Playstation, Animorphs:Know the Secret was made for PC, and Animorphs was made for GameBoy Color. GT Interactive acquired the license to make a PC and Playstation game in 1999. [1]

Console GamesEdit

Animorphs: Shattered RealityEdit

  • For: PlayStation 1
Synopsis: In this game, you get to play as Jake and his Tiger morph, Marco and his Rhino morph, Rachel and her Grizzly morph, Cassie
Animorphs SR cover
and her Wolf morph, but Ax and Tobias are not playable. Visser Three has gotten a hold of a Continuem Crystal, and tries to use it to control all reality with a machine, but it blew up when he tried to use it, shattering reality itself. You essentially track down Animorph coins, defeat alien enemies with your morphs, and hunt down shards of the Continuem Crystal. There are nine levels, the last one being a final battle with Visser Three.


  • For: GameBoy Color
Animorphs GBC cover
Synopsis: The game is centered around gameplay that is really like a dumbed down version of Pokemon games. Example, people look like they do in Pokemon games and you get morphs by defeating the animals/aliens you fight in Pokemon style combat.

PC GamesEdit

Animorphs: Know the secretEdit

Know the Secret game box
  • For: PC

Based on Scholastic's book and TV series, Animorphs is a turn-based tactical combat game featuring 12 animal morphs, which you must gather to defeat your enemies, the Yeerks.

Internet GamesEdit

Yeerk PoolEdit


This interactive, arcade-style game was available for free download on the Scholastic Animorphs web site. The object of the game was to help Jake through the maze to the Yeerk Pool. Find colored keys and use them to free gorillas from their matching-colored cages. Once you free the gorilla, you can use its morph to help Jake chase off Controllers. After you have collected all the keys and freed all the animals, you are allowed entry to the Yeerk Pool area, where you must help him find the Kandrona ray machine that feeds the Yeerks and destroy it.

Hawk Rescue GameEdit

Animorphs hawk rescue

Help Tobias Rescue the other Animorphs!



  1. GT Nabs License to Produce "Animorphs" Games! May 14, 1999
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